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Hunting with Hounds


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Here's the deal...Who here has a beagle(s) or some type of coonhound that might allow me and my son (17) to JUST SPECTATE and stay out the way and just listen as you run your dogs?

I am not looking to go "hunting" (though we will buy a license and look the part), and we would really prefer no guns be involved , but we will take what we can get. I would just really LOVE to go out and hear some dogs work and listen to them run and let my son experience what that is all about at least once in his life instead of telling him. It's no wheres near the same.

I have grown up owning at least one beagle until I turned about 24 yrs. old (38 now) , in my "prime" and at one point I had four beagles and a black and tan coonhound. It has been waaay too long since I have heard the sweet sound of a hound or two... or three... or four... hot on a trail or barking up a tree.

Would be willing to travel up to 2 hours from Grand Rapids and wherever it leads us after that. Not sure what I could offer in assistance or to help out with otherwise (maybe a fishing trip?), but if anything comes to mind and this sounds like something doable please shoot me a PM.

If anyone knows of any hunting clubs that allow tag- a-longs and has a meet planned or maybe when and where a field trial is taking place (rabbits/coons) that allows spectators and in the near future somewhat close to the G.R. area that would be great also.


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I remember my younger days of rabbit hunting with beagles. Seeing the beagles run past you letting out a yelps as they trail a rabbit. Every dogs makes its own distinct sound when it is on to something.

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