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  1. Hang in there John !! They say it'll be gone before it freezes again but that window is getting smaller !!
  2. Thanks Ryan, I'll run a separate feed and ground to it. Appreciate it
  3. 18' Alaskan with a 90 merc 4 stroke.i think it is on the dual 83/200.
  4. I have a 1197 hummingbird on boat that I get alot of static when going faster than 5or6 mph . The higher the rpm the more static until finally its a white out. I got the finder wired to fuse block hooked to starting battery as I got trolling batterys wired 24 volt. Is their some kind of resistor to wire inline at the battery. Any help appreciated
  5. its spring down by you Daybreak but its a long way off up here! School cancelled in Marquette today because of snow covered roads.Still ice fishing on 30" of ice on Superior and keewenaw bay got close to 4 ft. This cold just tightin it back up! I did see a robin Saturday but I think it was lost !!
  6. Yes Superior gets some ripping currents. lakes completely froze but sunday outta rabbit bay in 110 fow 1 1/2 oz jig line still at 30-40 degree angle.
  7. 3 bucks, 5 wolves,not a single doe or fawn. Hmmmmmmm
  8. Hi Mike, If you feel like going for ride I'd welcome you to hunt some hare behind some pretty good beagles. In a few weeks you'll need snow shoes though.
  9. Yer gonna spoil them kids Terry!!, Good job
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