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Holland 09-02-2013 - AM

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Well, we were hoping that NOAA was not right, but they were - bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy fun fun fun fun fun.

There were not many boats out on the water, but we managed a few fish.

Went to 55 fow and ssw to about 80 (if we made it out to 80).

Picked at em until one took a HUGE rip on a wire dipsey set 90 back and I actually got to see my mono backer on my wire dipsey line - I think he had almost 900 feet out...had to chase it down, pulling all the rods (we were about done anyway)...ended up only being a 19lb fish, but it was still a lot of fun.

Ben Lubbs (bending rods) joined us and we had a great time getting to know eachother - you are welcomed aboard anytime Ben.

We managed 6 for 7 in the slop.

1 - dipsey with a standard on 1.5 set back 120 popped and we thought it was just the waves, but it was a 2-3lb king - white 10" spinnie with a blue/green fly.

2 - Mag blue dolphin spoon a rigger 49down took a nice king

3 - rigger with a ace high big splatterback down 45 - cookie cutter king

4 - 300 copper witha 10" UV green and blue spinnie and green fly - while letting it out all of a sudden started going a little too quick - cookie cutter king

5 - was that the ace high green ladderback plug on 300 copper - darn it I can't remember?

6 - the 19lber that nearly spooked the dipsey 90 back on 1.5 white with green and yellow dots 10" spinnie with yellow fly.

7 - our one miss was on a 100 copper with a lemonberry mag spoon - only on for a short time and no one home when we got there.

Only me in the picutre because we just took a quick one to send to a guy that didn't go with us - just to rub it in.

As always - Dad was at the wheel and my good friend Ryan was with us.


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