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Holland - 08-25-2013 - early trip

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Well, we had a bright idea to get out in front of everyone and hopefully catch some of the hogs people have been catchign before the sun came up.

We figured that the boat traffic wasn't helping this year so if we got out there early and set up the glow program like we used to do we'd knock em dead.

So, 3:30 the alarm goes off, the guys are at the dock at 3:50 and we set out for an early morning of nailing fish with glow spoons, plugs, boards, meat rigs, etc.

WELLLLLLL that didn't work...we got one setting up on a 100 copper with a half moon bad tad...60 fow...the rest of the setup went in with no takers.

Made it out to 100fow, turned back into teh waves (south) and got a few hits...double glow ace high on a 300 copper on fish one swing and a opps copper gone about one foot after the knot...saved the board though.

While dorking around with that a rigger goes 60 down with a blue splatterback glow J plug.

By now the sun has come up (a long time ago) and our program to get em early did no good, except everyone on the boat is damn near sleeping even in 2-3 foot waves.

We marked the crap out of fish early, just could not get them to go.

But, we got some fish in the cooler and it was an early day...took about a 4 hour nap when I finally made it home. :grin:

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Good to see you got out Mark. We didn't get out quite as early on Saturday out of SH and we didn't hit a fish until 8:30 and as Tarrey noted in his report we went 6 for 9 with a nice mix of fish including a big COHO and a nice Steel Head. We were looking for the hogs too and the best we could do was 14.5. That was about the average size we saw in the cleaning shed. Keep it up they are out there.

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