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8-16 dropped lines @6:30ish


Setup in 120' straight out of holland

Landed coho @126' 60' down on downrigger green glow jplug 7:15

Landed a king @126' same green glow not even 5 minutes 60' down

Nothin much after that until we're ready to head in landed laker

In 130' 75' down on ms flounder ponder all on downriggers

8-17pm got out same time @6:30ish


Setup @ 126' and started trolling west into deeper as we weren't marking much

Finally got my first hit on my dipsy rod setup green glow jplug with red stripes down the back @129' lost it. Snapped my line @ jplug knot so it's swimming around for sure with my plug in its mouth.. Very disappointing!!!

Got set back up kept trolling west @ 140' around 7:30 landed a double of coho on downriggers 1set 60' down another green glow red head and they other was wonder bread j plug 75' down. Very fun reeling and netting at the same time aboard my 16ft Lund ..I'll add some pics shortly..

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WTG Vyju. What color is your Lund? Mine is blue, I'll look for you when I'm out.

Reel Therapy

Thank u! I'm in a red 16' Lund with 2 little big Jon downriggers and 2 dipsy rods.. I plan on joining the Michigan salmon spectacular derby so ill be out there this weekend!! Hopfully I can land something big enough to enter derby. Anyone else entering the derby??

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