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7/11/2013 Saginaw Bay Eyes

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We had three grumpy old guys and one in training. We took a four man limit catch and a bonus perch. A big THANKS to Chuck A, Bill N, and Joe A, for all the help on the boat and with expenses. 27-32 FOW. BB and meat. 10 Offshore boards and two down rods. Chartreuse, Glow, Purple, and Pink were doing OK. These guys are welcome back anytime.:)


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Great job frank -- mind helpin me with bb length behind boat- never got a keeper today

Running 60 with 2oz and 55 with 3 oz. Actually that can vary so much with speed, depth, and conditions. You need to get a feel for BB and run them where the fish are. I sometimes will not answer when someone asks me how far back I'm running bouncers. I turn my hat backwards and think differently when running BB. I start to think of the water column from the bottom up and not the top down. Start thinking this way when you run them. Then when someone asks you how far back you'll know they don't understand BB. Just the way I think, upside down as usual. :lol:

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