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  1. Went 2 for 6 - with a nice acrobatic steely and 15# king -100 feet of water.Steelhead came on mixed veggie 60ft. on rigger,king on white paddle and white sparkle on wire - all other hits on copper- just could not keep them on.
  2. Thanks frank - we were in that range - not sure what went wrong. That's why it's called fishin and not catching.
  3. Great job frank -- mind helpin me with bb length behind boat- never got a keeper today
  4. Nice fish eyepod--we can't find any size--keep on them:thumb:
  5. Like to keep it under 1000
  6. Thanks for the input-time to start looking for a new model anyway --- any suggestions or favorites?
  7. I have a lowrance LMS-522 on a 22 foot seaswirl with a hardtop .The unit is mounted on my dash and during the day it bounces in and out of reception a lot.Is this due to being under the hard top or needs updating or just junk? Anyone ever have this problem:confused:
  8. Never been out of holland before and would like to give it a try--can anyone point me to a good launch-- thanks:no:
  9. Just purchased 1000 feet of 32 pound blood run copper, have the reels any suggestion on dividing it up -- 2 @ 300 and 2 @ 200 etc...
  10. Thanks. I better get to it
  11. How often does everyone change their water-fuel separator their boats--- thinking I probably should
  12. Thanks for the response -- coming from Lansing area Quanicasee might be a closer choice
  13. Time to get new batteries -- was wondering what brand most people have the best luck with
  14. Anybody know of a good marina an saginaw bay that rents slips for the week Have a 22 ft sea swirl. Any info would be appreciated
  15. What type of temp breaks do you usually look for when fishing --- are they huge or very subtle.what else besides the perfect temp for salmon do people use them
  16. Just curious as to how many reels everyone carries on their boat- with copper and wire---in other words copper ,one at 150ft one at 300ft etc...
  17. what are high divers?--are they just shallower dipseys? also what is the best way to tie wire -30#-7 strand --crimps or is there a special knot? like always i appreciate the help
  18. sorry- should have included this in last post -are quality antennas just as or more important than the radio--cost range from 30$ to 200$--i like the 30$ones:D
  19. looking to buy a new vhf-are any of the hand held models worth the purchase?
  20. hit augres on sunday 7-11-got out at 9:00am and took 16 fish around the islands.all fish over 20 inches not one juvenile-kind of worried about that.
  21. hopefuuly will be at northpoint in july--i have read a lot of your posts Frank-it has helped --thanx everyone for the feedback
  22. most of my time will be in Au gres--then a week or 2 in ludington-thinking of a barrier coat --no idea on how to prop up boat to do it myself-- its only money-right?
  23. just purchased a 22 foot seaswirl hard top and need opinions on whether to apply bottom paint--is it a must --can it wait-- what to use--do it myself or pay. lot of questions i know appreciate any info
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