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Let me start by saying, YES! finally a good night on the water. Headed out after the heavy rain with Mom and Dad, setup in 80 fow just north of the pier heads. Had 3 lines in the water when we took our first fish, and the hits just kept coming. We fish 80 to 100 fow trolling wnw and ese all night. Ended our trip 8 for 13 punctuated with a nice 15# King to end our evening. Pulled lines at 9:30.

Here's what worked for us:

Kevorkian on rigger, dn 50, 2-3 king and laker

Mongolian beef on rigger, dn 43, 1-3 2 kings, lost nice king in wire diver

NBK on wire dipsy 125 bk, 1-1 coho

UV Blue Dolphin on wire dipsy 100 bk, 0-1 couldn't get the rod out of the holder :o

BLL Screwball on 150 copper, 1-2, king

UV Flounder Pounder on 300 45# copper, 2-2 king and coho

Lemon Ice on 10 cl, 1-1, king

Good Luck out there,

Keep Em'Tight

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