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''THERE BACK'", Had a pretty good morning Sunday out of Holland with a couple buddys from work, that have'nt been on the lake in 30 yrs. We started around 7:30 looking for a few trout in the 60 to 70ft range and only came up with 1 nice king , so we turned out west and and started picking away around 140 and continued till we reached 180 were it just kinda dried up. We made 3 passes thru that area and ended the day at 1 going 11 for 12 with 1 laker, 3 kings and 7 coho.

Heres a pic of what worked for use.


and these are

  1. Lemon Berry mg.
  2. S.O.G. Froggie mag
  3. U. of M. Froggie
  4. Super Screw mag.
  5. Moldy Muffin reg.


  1. Golg Org. Chilly Willy reg.
  2. Lemon Berry reg.

and the catch


All I can say is these two were like watching a couple little kids, great times, and yes they are brothers lol!!!!!:thumb:

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