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Fishing improving on east side of Huron

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A buddy of mine has been out perch fishing and they are doing really well. Lots of 16" jumbos. Lots of minnows which we haven't seen in quite a while. The harbours are full of minnows, I suspect that the die off of the zebra mussels is allowing the bottom end of the food chain to come back. Lakers that have been caught this spring are overflowing with smelt which we haven't seen in a number of years as well. Chinooks in the double digits are being caught already which usually aren't seen until mid to late summer.

This is good news for us over here!!!

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Thanks Dave. I fish out of Port Austin when I do fish Lake Huron. last week, had two very productive days.. ended up 19 for 21. A good mixture of King, Coho, huge Lake trout ( one over 25 lbs, one 12 lber tagged from Alpena... my first), bunch of steelhead...

This is my second year of fishing this area... NE of lighthouse and I have always... repeat.. always had a very productive day.

the Kings we caught (3.. were 10, 9, 12 lbs respectively) and caught them on the same programs we use when fishing out of Grand Haven one the west side.

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That is awesome! We have a derby on right now, the fishing leading is a 22 lb chinook. Lots of 16 lb being caught. I'd say the average size seems to be I creasing a bit every year. Still have only been out twice this year , busy building the house. My son and dad went out a couple of weeks ago. They got 3 bows and a pink. Guys are starting to latch on to pickerel now in 65 fow. Hopefully get out this weekend.

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