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Miami Peacock Bass report 10-28-12

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Well folks the Peacock bass fishing is still hot despite the cooler temps. we're having now. I had the pleasure to take a very nice couple from N.Carolina on a day of Miami back country fishing. They had high hopes of landing some Peacock bass...they weren't disappointed. Catching a Miami backcountry slam between the them, consisting of Peacock bass, Snook and a couple of baby Tarpon...not bad, huh. The bite in the Miami area has switched over from tiny minnows to larger(shiner sized) baits. I had Robert throwing arti's in the 3-4" range while his wife used baby cichlids as bait. Needless to say wifey out fished hubby by a landslide....it happens all the time..lol. As always we had a great time and I look foward to doing it again . Anyways we took a couple of pics of the day for yous to check out.







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