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Has anybody been around the hummingbird radar yet? I need to get something. I run an 1197si and a lcx37 lowrance. Don't feel like upgrading to an hd lowrance but if I have to I have to. Comparison between the broadband and the hummingbird would be helpful. Thanks


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I dont have any experience with the humminbird radar

But one thing to keep in mind a Furuno stand alone units start out at about $1300 with a 15" dome and $1600 for the 18" I do have experience with those and they work great.

As far as the broadband, i only have experience with the 3g and not the new 4g. The 3g lacked the power to shoot through moderate to heavy fog and rain (when you really need radar). The target seperation was amazing in fair weather but you dont buy radar for fair weather. I hear they upped the power significantly on the 4g which is what it desperately needed although i would still stick with the more proven technology and stay with a traditional radar unless someone chimes in here with experience with the 4g in thick fog.

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Yes, we do have the new Humminbird Radar. I believe we put it on about the middle of April. Our boat came with a Raytheon unit, which we really liked, but in an effort to run less head units on the dash we opted to get the new Humminbird Radar this Spring.

Unlike 2011, 2012 was almost void of any fog on Lake Ontario. So I have little experience to compare it to the old Raytheon, which was dead nuts! I did run it "just for the heck of it" in heavy traffic situations just to learn and try to tweak it. For the amount of use it saw I was pleased with it. I feel I need to tweak it a little bit more though. I say this because sometimes I feel it's almost too sensitive because it will pick up waves.

I used it crossing the lake coming back from a tourney in August and it helped us dodge in between two storm cells, which was nice. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. If I can't answer them I will get them answered.

Here are some screen shots I took while it was on.





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