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Looks like the years over


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Looks like the years over for fishing the big pond they are talking colder weather next week. we caught as many fish as last year , but 1/3 less trips. And the weight of the catch this year has kept a full freezer.

How did everyone do this year? did you make more or less trips. Was you catch heaver than last year?

We had a banner year, at 141 fish. No fish over 20lbs , but quite a few in the 15-19 lb range.

Best day = 4th of July, with a cooler over 200lbs for 13 fish , smallest was 10lbs that day. Sent the catch with the couple that went out with us that day.

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I don't keep tract of the final numbers, but this year was by far the most productive year yet. We had at least 6 trips with 15 fish, and many others close to that. No fish this year much bigger that 16# for us, but my son was able to get some 20+ while mating.

It will be interesting to see what next year brings.

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Fewer trips for sure as my son is 2 and I'm spending more time on shore.

They were good trips, now that I look back on it.

We were trying to figure out a new to us boat this year and get the setups to work.

We did manage double digits a half dozen times or so and people that went alogn for the ride were generally pretty happy.

Tournaments SUCKED for us this year though. We just could not catch fish during the big events. We really got our butts handed to us in tournaments, but hey, can't win if you don't try.

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Great job on the season Jim. Was our best year ever for salmon as well. Only made it out four times with a total of 12 fish, but that is the best fish per trip average we have ever done, and we managed our first over 20lb. Hate to see the season end, but put the boat to bed on Saturday.

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WTG with your catch this year Jim. My catch was up this year both in number and weight. My total so far is 76 with none hitting 20 lbs but like yours many in the 13-18 class. Last year I got my last fish in Nov. I am waiting to put the boat up hoping for one last trip.

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