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Holland - 9/15/2012 PM - last trip?

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Well our fishing team planned the last fishing trip of the season before we put away the rods and pick up the bows. Time to look for brown furry critters. At first we had a morning trip planned, but Ryan got called in so we changed it to afternoon. On second thought this was better as we could enjoy some silver cans (which we commonly don't do on morning trips).

We planned on leaving no later than 3 and everyone was anxious to get out. Shortly after 1 we were away fromt he dock - did I mention everyone was anxious?

We just went slow out to the lake as we were in no hurry. Got out to 80 and set up going northwest. Wound up going southwest straight into the waves (if you can call them that - it was gorgeous). Went out to 190 to see what was going on out there - MAN there were a lot of fish in 190 down 150+ though.

We managed to get 8 fish, and it was interesting what we caught on which rigs. Since the fish were deep we ran what was left of meat rigs in the boat freezer. As I was putting on the brown, old, nasty meat I said "there is no way this is going to work". BOY was I wrong. We had 4 pieces of meat I think - and they all took fish. If we had more meat we could have smacked em.

Big weenie meat rig - looks like no color but flashed gold - crazy good looking with a UV meat head rig also big weenie. That rig was down on the chute rigger bouncing bottom. Most of the fish we got were in 120ish give or take 10 feet. When the meat started working we put one out on a dipsey too - big greeen and silver big weenie rig with a green meat head. Out 260ish it took a nice fish.

The other things that worked were:

300 copper with a spinnie and fly - UV/yellow looking thing.

300 copper with a green ladderback ace hi J plug

Rigger down 110 with a big green/white/yellow 11" paddle and green fly.

I think that's it. 200, full core, 100, and 5 color never took a rip. Everything we marked in 110 or less was right on the bottom and we had to bounce the chute rigger in the dirt with a meat rig to get even 3 lb coho to bite it.

We caught one nice king - maybe 13 or 14 pounds if that all others were cookie cutter or smaller.

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