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Aug 24 Lake Huron was good to us today

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A little late with this report but .....Set out with wgillam from Kettle Point this morning. Assuming we had to go deep we set up around 95 fow and planned to go out to 100. Got a rainbow on in minutes after setup. Got quieter after that and only caught 1 walleye and one salmon for the rest of the morning. Then it was all quiet even when we hoped the 2 oclock bite would turn on. BUT after 4 things turned on. I lost count of the action. But looking at what we brought home we must have landed 7 fish. We lost 4 good ones at the boat. We had a number of breakoffs on something big. Bill had one big one that wanted to stay deep which broke the line taking the spoon and the slider as well. Most fish came off the one rigger and the others came off the copper. Dipsy did nothing all day. Two fish came in high up off a slider or rigger at 30 feet but the rest came in at 60 to 80 feet in 95 FOW. A great day to be out on Lake Huron.



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Love seeong huron reports.

Nice fish

Yea fishing on Huron has been tough for a while but this year has been a really great year. And where can you beat the number of species. This year on huron we have caught pinks, chinooks, coho, rainbow, browns and walleye.

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