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Fished normal people times, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Had my aunt and uncle from kansas out with us today and it started slow. Set up in 60 fow and went south west, 2 hours later we had our first fish. About the time most of the few boats left we went west and it got crazy. Landed 20 of the 24 we had on. Water was 120 to 180 fow. We had riggers down 80 and 100, mag dipsys back 150, regular dipsys back 140 and 180, coppers were the hottest in 225, 250, 275, and 300. Have to say thanks to the red boat that changed course to avoid us when we had our tripple on, it was a mess and these guys saved us from losing our gear. First class bunch of guys, hope we can do the same some time. There was a little yellow bird out there that hung around our boat and every time it came around we had a double or tripple on. Here's what worked...

rigger down 100 with pearl fish scale paddel and oceana fly

rigger down 80 with wonderbread glow silver horde cut plug

mag dipsys on setting 1 back 150 with double glow silver horde cut plug

size 1 dipsys back 180 and 140, same 2 plugs as above

225 copper with green splater silver horde cut plug

250 copper with glow silver horde with black dots (done with sharpie)

275 copper with another silver horde with gray ladder back

300 copper with same glow wonderbread spoon as above

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