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GLF Texas Hold 'Em Event!


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If people wanted to come to St. Louis I would be more than willing to have the tourney. I have a rec room complete with pool table, dart board and 2 TV's. Plus enough room to set-up 2 big tables. You would have to let my girlfriend play though, she loves Hold-Em.

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OK folks....I spoke with Rich today. I got the wrong impression from his last post. He said it would be OK to have the Texas Hold 'em at his house in Hastings. I am sure everyone is busy this month with christmas, so lets shoot for Saturday 13 January at Rich's house.

Everyone will be responsible for their own beverages. Maybe we can each bring some sort of dish/snack to share with everyone to munch on.

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Jan.13th works for me. My brother in law (chris- the other member of team sea-mac) would like to play and our other buddy mike might also want to play.We could play at his house in byron center if richs place doesnt work out.He has tournaments there quite frequently nice table n everything.So theres that.Im kinda worried about the newbie players hard to tell what they r goin on.Last night at poker stars i played in a .25 tourney with 2226 players and i came in 10th so close to the final table.So look out my game is hot.on the down side it was a .25 tourney and i only got $3.40 for over 5 hours of playing.First woulda won $112.For those that dont kno the game whoever said to learn or practice online is prolly the best way to learn the game and its free.Im sure i can find a few more players if i need to, lemme kno how many we r at now and how many rich wants at his house, and rich ill buy those pole holders off you at this time or pay your entry fee to the poker tournament for them.I want some venison steaks from you to cus im the buckless yooper.

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My place will work out for the 13th. But I can probly only hold around 10 players because I only have one big table. If you all think that Sea Macs brothers place will work out better that will be fine with me. Why dont we see how many is going to play first then pick the place. But lets get this going soon.

Caznik and my son in law will be playing.

Let me know,


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Ok guys,

I forgot that I do have another table that we can play on(2 Tables total). Each table we can play 8 players on them. So Tim let me know where you like to play. I can still do it at my house on Saturday the 13th.

Is this right for players so far.


Ben(my son in law to be)



Sea mac.

And who else?

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