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Port Sheldon 7-24. Atlantic Salmon Bonus

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Ran north to port sheldon to avoid the storm this mornin.

No real action until we turned WNW and trolled slow. 2.0-2.2 sog. 120-160FOW

Ended up 11 for 17 before winds picked up at 10.

Landed our first ever atlantic salmon which gave us a grand slam.

7 kings 2 Skams 1 laker 1 Atlantic

What worked:

Rigger at 75 DW 11" Green Tiger paddle w/ Dew Hypnotist Fly HOT

Rigger at 65 SS UV Blue Dolphin

Dipsy back 175 MS Flounder Pounder HOT

Dipsy back 145 8" green dots SD green hypnotist fly

Full Core BLL UV Green Dolphin

300' 32lb copper SS Miami Dolphin


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It must be a species of brown i havent seen before?

It didnt have spots on its adipose and its jaw didnt extend well past the eye and no spots on tail?

Looks a lot like pictures of atlantics ive seen but i dunno.

Feel free to prove me wrong. Id like to know forsure which

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Dont worry Joe. With 4 or 5 different speices of browns running around you see some major variations. Chances of getting an Alantic this far south is pretty slim. We had 2 browns that were 8 and 9# in the Brown Blast 4 years ago that you would never of thought were the same species. If fact we thought one was a spring king until we got back in the harbor to take pictures and saw the square tail and white mouth. Gained us some bonus points though.

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Here's a brown the guy next to me caught off the pier in GH in early May this spring. Long and slender like an atlantic but was the size of a king. It's lighter in color like yours. BTW this thing tipped the scale at 17lbs...in May...and look how skinny it was! Can't imagine what it would have weight in Oct/Nov. The guy quite fishing after he caught it and left to go get it mounted. He had only been there for about 45 minutes too.


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