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Fished with my dad last night in 90 -140 fow. We went 7 for 10 with 5 kings and 2 steelies. It was really difficult keeping the boat under control with just the two of us and the 3 foot waves but we had our best trip together yet.

We trolled around for about an hour and a half and then got a double and then nothing for another hour. We could not get anything to hit unless we were going east through the waypoint where we got the double. We hit that point and troll a few times to get the seven fish. We had a great time but with the wind from the south and the east troll, it was not too comfortable.:no:

What worked

Rigger with a mag uv Blue silverstreak took one at 85 down

Rigger with a Moonshine Mongoilian beef took one at 80 down

Rigger with an old pink and yellow stinger on a slider 70 down took a 17 lb king

Rigger with an ET down 70 took 2

Dipsey with a Moonshine green ladderback took 1 125 back

300 copper with uv spin doctor and fly took 1 missed one 50 ft from boat

Missed 2 including one that crushed the dipsey for about 7 seconds on a blue spin dr and blue bubble fly


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