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Well, after canceling plans to take a friend from school, his girlfriend's dad and brother out Saturday morning, rescheduled the trip for this morning. I was watching the weather closely and was a bit skeptical to say the least of the 1ft or less wave prediction with 10 to 15 knot winds. Well my skepticism proved to be founded and NOAA changed the forecast overnight to be 1 to 3's.

We launched the boat to 5:10 and set up in 80 FOW heading due north with the steady 2's that greeted us. We got our first three hits before we had all of the lines set. Unfortunately, we failed to land any of the fish. We then proceeded to troll for 45 minutes without a hit. We finally got another fish when we were about even the the PS stacks. Chris got to land his first ever salmon which was a king around 10 lbs. Shortly later we got another hit as we were turning to head back south which Chris also landed, a king around 5 lbs. By this point the waves had grown to steady 3's with some 4's mixed in for good measure. Immediately after we boated the second fish, Chris decided to help out by adding some chum to the water. Deciding that going into the waves was probably not helping the sea sickness issue, we turned around back north to go with the waves. We ended the day missing two more on a tin can dragging bottom, pulling lines shortly before 9:00 with Chris hanging over the side of the boat. Overall, tough fishing.

What worked:

70 to 88 FOW


North and South Trolls

Big Lake Lures Miami Dolphin free slider on rigger at 60

Big Lake Lures Mag 007 on rigger at 60

Mag Blue Dolphin on 250' #45 copper

Mag SS Green Kato on 250' #32 copper

Regular SS Green Splatter Glow on 7 color

White Tin Can with Lime/yellow spin-n-glow on rigger dragging bottom

PS - Thanks to Dave Ash for coming along and helping run the boat.

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You should take a look at the open lake forecast alongside the nearshore. So many times the nearshore says 1foot or less, but check the offshore and it calls for 2 to 4 footers. I go by what the offshore says because its usually more correct.

Nice job though!

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