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Left the Grand Haven Dock with a rider at 3:30. We went 3 for 4. Set lines in 130 FOW.

The first big king came in 230 on a braid dipsey 188 back with a green flasher and a hypnotist.

I read a post earlier this week saying a fish was caught on a 5 color, so I put two five colors out. I was surprised that the next King, a 14.6 pounder, came on the five color in 225 on a glow bloody nose.

We also got a lake trout 100 down in 235. It was released.

Then the fun began with dipseys into everything. We lost a good fish in the process of clearing the lines.

Ended up 4 for 5 with one shaker. It is always Fun to see a buddy's eyes light up with a big fish on.:D

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