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After a long morning of nothing going.. I think I am done.....

1-2 this morning and my 3rd trip catching less then 3 fish.

My fall program is broke, or something.....

None the less a great morning on the water with 2 Big lake newbies.

1-2 both on Lemon berry on the 200 copper

Everything else... was dead....

Some others were doing well, but I just could't get them started.

Oh well, There is always next year:)


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Dave, Congrats on a GR8 year. Sometimes in fishing and life in general it just doesn't go your way. I wish I was able to get out half as much as you did this year. I usually fish about 4 times a week and this year I was only out 5 times total. There is still time this year and of course next year. I know you'll be on em and I hope I will be also.:)

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Thanks Frank.

I am def done for the year as I am about to rip the carpet up in the boat and lay down water proof no slip vynal (Thanks for the tip Terry).

I am also starting class again on Monday.

I realized that I have only been carp fishing 10 times this year. I normally get out once a week. As they put the fall feed bag on I might be able to catch a 40 pound fish:)

(Don't knock it till you try it)

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