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For the last week we have been in Sturgeon Bay for a bit of vacation which gave us a lot of time to fish the KD tournament and look for one of those big kings to put us in the money. The fishing on the bank was pretty tough with the amount of boats on the water all fighting for there spot on the edge. Our best water was in the 110 to 140, usually shallower in the morning and out a bit deeper as the sun came up. During the morning bite dipsies with flies, and riggers with both flies and spoons took fish, unfortunately the morning bite for us was quite short. As the sun came up we usually had a couple hours of very limited action followed by a little more consistent action later in the morning with UV ITO flies on the dipsies and spoons on the riggers and long lines. Green colors seemed to work best for us during the week. During the week the biggest kings we could find were in the mid teens, nothing big enough to bring to the scales for the tourney. On Sunday the last day of the tourney that all changed as a 25.72 lb king hit the deck and turned out to be the biggest King weighed in at SB on the final day of the KD. He took a Stinger NBK on a rigger 54 down. I don't know where we are going to end up in the derby but we should be in the top 25.


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