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Downriggers and Boat things

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Hey guys I have a bunch of extra stuff that I would like to sell

1. Pair of older style Long Arm Riviera Manual Downriggers (wire is above the arm) - $25 w/o Bases


---- Both have counters that work, single rod holders, and wire

2. Pair of newer style Long Arm Riviera Manual Downriggers (wire is below the arm) - $70 w/ Bases


---- Both have working counters, single rod holders, and wire

As far as the bases go, you can buy bases from Riviera or you could also make your own. I don't really care which downriggers they are sold with. Also, Dual Rod holders to mount on Cannon Arms mount on the upright posts of Rivieras if you want better/more rod holders

3. One Proos Manual Downrigger - $25





----Has wire and counter

----No Rod Holders, Spool Release Knob is broken (could easily be replaced), Counter is missing face and pulley (have a new pully from Proos), Powdercoat on base is chipped

4. One Electric Proos Downrigger - $60




----Has Wire, Counter, Single Rod Holder, Switch and Motor work

----Does not come with extra electrical connector

5. One Wooden Paddle - Make Me and offer


6. Three Tite Lock Rod Holders - $5


----I don't believe any of them have the small round toothed piece, the previous owner drilled holes thru the bases and put screws in to keep them from turning, also, he drilled the adjustment screw hole so that he could just slide a pin in and out, I would consider them for parts, not for use.

7. One Big Jon Rachet Rod Holder - $15


----Comes with mounting base

8. Antenna Racheting Base - Make Me an Offer


---- Looks like it had a wire antenna in it at some point, was not being used when I bought the boat so I took it off

9. Cabin Light - Make Me and Offer


---- Was in the boat when I bought it but does not go anywhere

I will consider offers any this stuff so let me know if you are interested or want more details.

Also, If anyone is looking for or knows of someone who is looking for 2000-2005 4cyl. Eclipse, Galant, Stratus, or Sebring parts let me know because I have a lotttt of parts.

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