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Detroit river beatdown

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Yes I was beaten down with another skunk on teh detroit river. I had a chance to hook up with TGAfish and try some mid river spots for 4 hours. not a hit and I have to admit the lack of marking fish is very unusal. Tried from Us steel to great lakes steel. Only heard of 1 fish at the launch all day. water temp was from 36.6- 38.4(USS) Hopefully the will show up soon, we need some rain to change the temps and get them moving.


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They keep talking Rain but as of the last week we have been sprinkled on. 44 degrees is all I want or I may just abandon the river for the rst of the year.

Noooooooooo don't say that:D Thanks for the ride yesterday Steve! I learned a lot and got to see a first. 14 kids launching a boat on a trailer without a vehicle:lol:

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