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Knocked the dust off

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Well the dogs water dish was hard water the last few mornings it was time to get the ICE FISHING down from the upstorage in the shed last night, :thumb:

I even went over to the sled hooked up the battery and it fired up, :thumb:

WOW, even the ice auger fired up on the 3rd pull, :confused: but :thumb:

Now we'll be warm for month you watch, but I'am going to be ready anyway, :lol: In 3-4 weeks could be first ice on the bay, maybe some perch in front of the sugar beet plant off the cuts @ sebewaing, :grin:

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Still have the long poles for one more weekend. It may be pretty good this weekend for chrome ones. The forecast says cold next week and if it hangs in there I will be walking on water by Saturday 12/11. There are a couple of places that freeze good and pretty fast I only have to get a few feet off from shore so that is good. I am not giving up on the long poles just yet. A few years back I limited out on big steelhead every day for the first 10 days of December all big fish.

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