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Fished just off the Maitland in Goderich again both Saturday and Sunday evenings. Stayed in 20-35 FOW. Wanted to cover as much water as possible to see if we could get our lures in front of more fish, so this was our spread.

Starboard downrigger - 18' down 50' back - Black & Purple Long A

Starboard dipsy size 0 Wonderbread - setting 3, 80' back - NK Orange Crush

Stern rod - flatline - CC Riplin Redfin - silver & blue

Port side rod - flatline - Jointed Canadian Wiggler - Silver

Landed 1 Chinook on the Canadian Wiggler Flatline

Lost 1 Chinook on the other flatline

No takers on the dipsy or downrigger.

I am surprised with this hot weather that this is happening. It doesn't make sense to me that they would hit a lure running closer to the surface than the deeper ones we were running. I'm still learning this game, so experiment I will.

The plan for tomorrow is 1 rod down 10', and 3 flatlines with Canadian Wigglers and Flatfish.

Here's a pic of one from the weekend


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