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  1. Heading down to Erie this weekend for a visit, and thought I may as well haul the boat down and try my luck out of Port Stanley. Could anyone offer any tips as to how far out I need to go, and what depths I need to fish? I wouldn't mind getting into some eyes, but I've heard the rainbow fishing is also excellent this year. I was also wondering about the Salmon there. Its probably been 20 years since I've been down there, so I'm not sure what to expect. Thanks for any info, Joe
  2. Fished just off the Maitland in Goderich again both Saturday and Sunday evenings. Stayed in 20-35 FOW. Wanted to cover as much water as possible to see if we could get our lures in front of more fish, so this was our spread. Starboard downrigger - 18' down 50' back - Black & Purple Long A Starboard dipsy size 0 Wonderbread - setting 3, 80' back - NK Orange Crush Stern rod - flatline - CC Riplin Redfin - silver & blue Port side rod - flatline - Jointed Canadian Wiggler - Silver Landed 1 Chinook on the Canadian Wiggler Flatline Lost 1 Chinook on the other flatline No takers on the dipsy or downrigger. I am surprised with this hot weather that this is happening. It doesn't make sense to me that they would hit a lure running closer to the surface than the deeper ones we were running. I'm still learning this game, so experiment I will. The plan for tomorrow is 1 rod down 10', and 3 flatlines with Canadian Wigglers and Flatfish. Here's a pic of one from the weekend
  3. Late August, and as usual the Salmon are staging in close in Goderich. Fished from 8pm till 9:30 last nite and picked up one 11.5 lbs on Black & Purple Long A. 25' down 20' just before dark. Heading back out early tomorrw morning to put in some more time. Keep you posted
  4. Hi all, I have been fishing the better part of my 48 years of existance, but it has only been the last year I have decided to step up my game a bit. I open a small retail sporting goods store in Seaforth, Ontario. We have a bit of everything, but my plans are to turn it into a specialized bait and tackle shop. We also bought ourselves a little Bayliner to get us out on Lake Huron out of Goderich to try our hand at setting up a spread and trolling for the big fellas. You can check out our brag board here... hoping that posting a link conforms to the rules here... I'm not here to gain sales, but just because I love fishing http://www.ucsports.ca/brag.htm We also post a fishing report for the local conditions http://www.ucsports.ca/fishing.htm Looking forward to sharing our experiences. Joe
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