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I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to introduce myself as I just enrolled. I'm not new to big water fishing but it's been a while since I've hit the waters of Lake Michigan (about 13 years now) I've been residing just outside of the city of Alpena but will be relocating myself to the Ludington area to live in about another 30 days so I'll be hitting the waters over here once again.

Prior to my Alpena location I lived in Charlevoix for 11 years and that was my last Lake Michigan experience. It will be nice to start catching some GOOD fish once again as the Huron side is pretty skinny on fish for the last few years unless you travel to the edge of the Canadian water boundary and then it's grease ball city. I really miss the salmon and steelhead fisheries,..

So,... I'm BACK !!!!!!!!!! :thumb:

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Welcome aboard Terry! There has been a lot of GREAT information posted here already. Dont be afraid to ask something that may have been asked before. The way I see it, a repeat post is better than no post.

We look foreward to having you around.


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Thanks for the welcomes,.. I'm looking forward to fishing some tourneys over on Michigan side once I get all settled in at my new location. Will also be reading all of you guys' info regarding hot spot's,.. and preferred set-ups.

There also seems to be a few Michigan Sportsman's handles over here as I'm also a member of that website. (been since 2003)

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Thanks EVERYONE for the warm welcome,.. I'm sorry I haven't logged back on sooner but I'm involved in inspections and paperwork for my new home and location and have not yet established the internet side of things over there yet.

I'm going to have to take you guys up on some of those "helpful hints" regarding the Ludington and Manistee ports of call. I've never fished out of either and have done a great amount of reading of posts on this site and others regarding it. I LOVE a new adventure and challenge, and you betcha' I'm going to be hunting those salmon.

It seems like forever since I've gotten the chance to smoke up some of those buggers. I've had my fair share of greasers' over the years,.. time for the "GOOD STUFF" !! :thumb:

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