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Fished Sun. morning up near the point in 90 to 110 fow in rough conditions, steady fours with the occasional six thrown in. The surface temp was 74deg. and the temp didnt break till about 80-82fow. Ended up going 2 for 4 in just about 2 hours of fishing. My two boys who are 11 and 15 handling the fish, dad driving and me running the gear. Monday was much better fishing conditions with 1-2 footers and a gorgeous morning with the full moon it was an early bite. Same crew as yesterday. Went 5 for 7 with 4 by 615am. Had quads on at one point and got three of the four. Our best bait so far has been Moonshine Psycho Magnum. It has taken 4 of our 7 off the rigger between 55 and 70 down. Black Lightning jplug off the full core took two, and Happee meal 65 down took another. Will be up all week fishing will try and keep the reports coming as often as possible



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Thanks Todd, we'll be out there on Thursday Night, waking early Friday Morning....SAturday Morning and Maybe even Sunday Morning, but I want to take Mam to the casino in Manistee on Saturday night.. so Sunday looks to be sleepin in..

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