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Took a trip up to Oscoda friday and saturday. Turned out to be a good time. Friday night on the pier I went 0 for 3 on walleyes. Had a hard time netting them by myself in the dark. I know. Excuses excuses :o

Next morning I fished the river. Didn't have any spawn so I was using waxies and wigglers. At one of the spots I was fishin a guy caught a loose hen and just let the eggs spill all over. Most of them ended up in the river but I managed to scrape up enough for a few bags. First cast using them I hooked a nice hen. I'm thinkin way cool! Then ended up losing her in the logs :( Not without a good fight though :)

A nice guy at wellmans set me up with some steelie skien later in the day. Just enough for a dozen bags. Cool dude! Hooked one more steelhead after that, but believe it or not I lost that one too! I think that one was the hardest loss. She was fresh in the river and really put up a fight. Almost had her beached too. Oh well.

Decided to head back to the pier for walleyes. This turned out to be a good decision as I ended up 4 for 4 on walleyes. I think if I had stayed long enough I could have got my limit, but I figured it was late and theres no sense in being greedy. Heck to tell you the truth I would have been happy with just one :grin:

I took some pics. I'll try to get them up tommorow.

Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend. I know I did :thumb:

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Nothing like fresh walleye for dinner. I especially like walleye cheeks. They taste almost like fried clams if you ask me.

I shared some of this with my folks. Pops is on a special diet which he hates but hes allowed to eat fish which he loves.

Orange countdown was the hot bait. Or at least as close to orange as they make now days. I guess repala discontinued the old colors. Too bad I really liked orange and gold, and chartreuse and white. If I ever come across a store that has some of the old colors I might have to stock up on em.


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