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Whats GLF Cooking For 2010?


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Great idea Mike.

I can't wait to see this go 100%.

I tell ya, there are so many bass shows out there, I can't wait to see a great Salmon program.

As alway, just let me know if you need my help in any way.

The only thing I won't do is where that pink belt with the camera running.

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Well now that dna testing shows the carp in Calumet Harbor, one has to wonder if they are actually in Lake Michigan already. The supreme court is not going to shut the shipping canal. If they are in Lake Michigan already, will/when it destroy the fishery(s), and how long before it happens. The future of the fishery is unknown.

I was just getting ready to invest over $6,000 on video equipment for my show. This was going to be an investment on my part in hopes of someday having a return on my investment. Now I am faced with a decission on what I am going to do. Do I invest the money and wait for the fishery to be wiped out, or do I scrap the idea, and put our money to other uses.

I have a video camera already, and could go cheaper on the video cameras, but they will not produce the quality of videos I was looking for. Sorry.....I am not the type of person who does thing half ass.

Decissions, decissions, decissions.....

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Mike it has taken them over a decade to take over the river and there really are very few rivers that offer the conditions they need to spawn effectively so my bet would be that we have a lot of time left our kids on the other hand it does not look good for. We have more to fear from having the great lakes turned over to the UN then the carp but that would likely start a major war.

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I know what you mean Mike? Every decisison has to have the return of investment know? I am going to invest in a 32 foot center counsel kid-nap all them fools and run 50 mph, and hope fully they get hit by at least 100 of them damn things!!

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