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  1. I have 2 new Cannon Mag 5 HS new style with new boom ends, swivel bases, and covers, both have dual rod holders. one has Depth Raider coated cable. (complete)Depth raider unit, power cord, and probe. $900.0 FOR PACKAGE.
  2. Its all down hill know (Man-child), you will do fine.
  3. They are fishlander down riggers, the weight of the boat and trailer is around 4500 pounds, I fish this boat with Tyler and it's very easy on the wallet for fuel. Capt Rob. Seabee Charters.
  4. They all make some great spoons but the paint wont stay on? Thats why I am a Northport guy.
  5. It not finished yet the skipper could use a little help?
  6. :thumb:Trust me I know this boats condition I worked my a?? on it, fished it several time trolls great and is very easy on the wallet for gas. well worth it. Tyler you forgot to mention how we plumbed the cooler drain out the side through a exsisting sea cock, no more cooler full of bloddy water.
  7. If you make it to Muskegon you can help me get the boat ready.( LOL)
  8. ggod one Mike? I will have to remember that for the bill collectors.
  9. Oh what a feeling? My ford has had 14000 pounds strapped yo her back since new in 1995 no problems, no recalls, and frame has no rust. Knock on wood,
  10. I think its a catch 22 GPS safty? For me amy probe is so important to detecting current and troll direction. Like Manic said get a handheld, and a fisk hawk.Your Probe will catch you more fish than your GPS.
  11. I totaly agree I am always up my kids teachers Butts when it comes in the teaching of history, and living by our constitution. I pray that we the people get off our complasent butts. (there are many men and women fighting for our rights) although we need more, I Hope it does not come to the point to another Civil War but I am ready if it does. Hopefully we can make some serious change come this November with fresh thoughts, and kick these carreer goat hurders the hell out.
  12. Deckers landing? first palce me and my dad fished when moved from the south up here, they use to have a awesome resteraunt there. Caught my biggest bas there great memories.
  13. Great people. Although it is pretty disapointing when your crusing at 32 mph, and the blow by you like you were at idle.
  14. I know what you mean I should have had it all done by now? although the procrastination bug got me this year.
  15. I use the Insurance shop in East Jordan best price I have found 231-536-3331
  16. seabee

    27 March

    So you made the move to South Haven? Mike what marina are going to be at.
  17. Thinks Capt. Josh. Skipperbudds looks good, I still going to finish the season out of Muskegon since I have charters booked. It would be in 2011.
  18. I am leaning towards Racine it's 247 miles away. Next interview in 2 weeks from now.I am dreading the tow that pig around Chicago, may be better off to run it across the drink. What do they charger for dockage in Racine.
  19. I am possiably taking a Engineering job in Iowa. What Port would be at the top of your list to relocate my business to. Kenosha, Millwaulke, Racine, Port Washington. either of the ports would be about 250-300 miles from Cresco Iowa. Thanks.
  20. Call vinnie at cpatain gary's and tell him Rob from seabes charters refered you 1-231-206-3508 he is within 10 miniutes from any launch in Muskegon well maybee 20 he is off of Whitehall rd. in North Muskegon.
  21. Anyone interrested in 6 Wolverine charter special 6 foot 6 inch rods with Shimano 200 tdr reels non LC. They are still in the boat in Muskegon I will be there in April, they only have one season on them. Price TBT. just putting the feelers out need to clean out some inventory.
  22. I was looking at the tourney you were talking about.

  23. Talk to Vinnie at Capt GARYS I am surehe would be delighted to help us folks out in Muskegon.
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