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I took better AIM at the river walleyes today.

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Got a call late last night from 2 guys who came from Grand Rapids to fish the Bay yesterday. They fished out of Finn Road on the Bay, but only caught sheepeheads. Then they caught the AIM Tourney weigh-in and wondered if I could charter them on the river for today and show them the ropes so to speak. I agreed but told them not to expect any mosters like Gary Parsons weighed in yesterday. Wulp, seems I may have mis-spoke. We started out with 2 decent fish downriver near the mouth, but the Bay was so rough today, virtually every pro and everybody else who thought they were going out on the Bay, was stacked near the mouth by 9:00am. And some had their Big Boards out 50 feet on each side of them running 12 lines. That was enough to send me looking for better places to fish. I was going to go up-river near the Vets ramp, where Gary caught his 2 monsters yesterday, but found a couple of very un-likely spots well before that where we boated some VERY nice fish indeed on lead core and #5 Shad Raps again. You might recognize that building behind my client in the middle picture. We caught that one and the 6 pounder in the bottom picture in 2 passes. Then hit 2 more beauties on the other side of the river. I'll give you a hint. They process Poop there. :eek::grin:




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Thank's Adam. I am totally shocked at how many really nice fish are still in the entire river system. And not just at the mouth but all the way to the Z-bridge. Going back today with a friend for some Rip-Rap fan casting and serious jigging. Seems he caught some dandy walleyes yesterday as well casting the shore lines WAY upriver. :eek: Gotta get as many (Rod In Hand) trips in as I can before the charter Trolling trips kick into high gear. :grin:

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