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Well looking at the clock, should have lines in the water in 26 hours & 12 minutes. Going to the titt. with a group of dudes for our annual outing. Some years we don't catch much other than a buzz, and others we do pretty good on the walleye. Haven't seen any trophies since I've been going, but I would bet there are a few lurking around. We usually drift and jig, sometimes we anchor and toss out BB with harnesses, and once in a while I'll try some cranks.

What is the most productive presentation for walleye on the river for you guys?

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I guess it would have to be slow trolling the holes or fan casting the banks with either shad raps, blade baits or bouncing flukes back to the boat. Just too few places with enough room to slip and virtical jig, especially on the Titt and on opening weekend. The sad part and mission for me on opening day on either river (if I even go at all) has become not to get into a fist fight. Just to many people unprepared, slow at the ramp, to careless on the water and in that hyped up frame of mind. That's why I always wait a few days after the opener. Now compound that with what might be people out of work or worrying about it, WOW. But good luck and stay safe. :grin:

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