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What a day on the river.

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It took Gatorbait a while to find his own secret spot way upstream on the Rifle River, near Sage Lake. And then a while for us to locate a few satelite pods of spawning fish in the river, as most were in the deeper/darker holes above or below the spawning gravel. And many if not all (I believe) still not quite actively spawning just yet. And then a while for us to rig the way they wanted the baits presented. And then a while for us to get both our casting and fish landing techniques down, being we were restricted (By Law) not to be carrying a landing net with over an 18 inch handle on this river, (so why bother). But by the end of the day we had went 12 for 35. And the 35 number is a low estimation of just how many we had on. And virtualy all bit on either the orange rubber spawn or the Black Stone Flies piggy backed below the spawn. This made perfect sense as I must have swatted 15 or 20 Stone Flies off my neck all day as they were hatching off the water. Let the smoking begin. :grin:







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hey dan that looks like a lot of fun but, those are the straingest looking walleye's i think ive ever seen.

i think it's something about the mouth, just jokeing ,nice job

Ya, the Bay has been dealing us NE winds and 2 to 4 footers the last couple of days. Plus I love to drift fish for anything that will bite in the rivers. And those smoked suckers from last week are still on my mind. :grin: All of these will soon be converted to tasty, salty morsels as well.

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