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Salmon River 2/1/09 w/ Chasin' Tail Adventures

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I cant get enough of this river fishing for some reason! I rode up Sunday morning and met Andy Bliss and his friend Ricky at Fat Nancy's Tackle shop (where I dropped another 40 bucks on tackle). Not to be confused with the other Ricky while on the boat my code name was Magic Man for the day and his was El Diablo! OK, lets shake and bake! <-----If you dont understand any of that....watch the movie Talledega Nights! We hit the water around 8 a.m. at Altmar and floated down the river till about 3 p.m. Unlike the previous trips I have made the weather on Sunday was enjoyable.

OK, so we are floating down the river and I have had some great luck this winter on a blue glo bug. So, I was content on catching one on the Salmon River on this blue glo bug. Well that didn't take long! I was locked into a nice Brownie and the results were Magic Man 1 Fish 0! So, after short while and watching El Diablo hook and land a few Steelies I switched over to the bag in hopes of a steelhead. Well, it didn't take long and I was locked up again. But guess what? It was another Brownie. So, now its Magic man 2 fish 0. A short way down the river and that little float goes under. Guess what? Yup, another Brownie. Are you getting the picture here? Its looking like a Brownie kind of day.

So at the end of the entire trip the results for the boat were:

Magic Man - 4 for 7 (all BT landed)

El Diablo - 3 for 3 (all Steelhead landed)

Captain/Guide/Paddler/Goon - 2 for 3 (1 BT. 1 SH) Andy's SH he landed was a very nice fish and when we went to take a picture his camera was dead.

By the way if you ever want to fish on the Salmon River it is a pre-requisite that you learn the proper way to use the word GOON. Don't ask me why. That's just the way it is. I also want all PRO Pro-Am participants to be very cautious of me this year. With the experience of last years Sodus tourney (where I actually went BT fishing) and the BT in the rivers I might throw you a curve ball by doing a little more Trout fishing! I think I have them figured out!

Here are some pics:







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