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  1. You aren't kidding... Toronto is a beautiful port to fish out of and the fishing always seems to be great! Congrats on a great tourney season!
  2. In dirty water I like Smithwicks and Rapalas in yellow, orange or a combination there-of. In clear water, Scorpions and Jake 45s have worked well in assorted colors.
  3. I read both the Keating books last summer. My last trip out to Lake O, in September, I brought along a couple 12# setups. It was a tough bite for everyone around. I figured it was a good time to test the light line technique. We had great success with them. I very much believe it made all the difference in the world. Several of the kings were over 20 pounds and one around the 28 pound mark... had no problem controlling the fish with the 12# test. Much better fight too. You could feel every movement of the fish. I will have a couple more of those setups this year.
  4. Nice jacket!! Where would one purchase one of those beauties??
  5. Not sure if you noticed, but the post you replied to is over two years old...
  6. That's very unfortunate that a person died... but I guess it could have been far worse! Guess you just never know. However, maybe building a bridge over a crack should have been some sort of clue that there was a potential for danger.
  7. From what I have heard, read and experienced, the biggest difference between braid and wire is the "signature" difference between the two. Each line you pull behind the boat creates its own "signature"... mostly in the way of vibrations, though some people say the wire gives off a small electrical disturbance as well. I don't know about the electrical charge, but I certainly believe in the difference of vibrations. Some days it seems the wire dipseys are the only thing the fish want. Other days it seems the wire shuts the fish down. I have and use both braid and wire dipsies. Honestly, I catch more fish on the wire, but I also have more confidence in it and therefore probably (subconsciously) run it smarter. The wire itself will sink, whereas braid doesn't. This will cause some difference in how far the diver will go. However, if you have a lot of line out for deep trolling, I wonder how much difference there really is... the wire has more drag than the braid, so maybe they even out at some point?? I have never tested it. When I run them, I run them the same distance out. I catch fish on both at the same length, so the difference in depth must not be too great. There are others hear with way more experience, but this is my take on it. As far as line size... I run 30 pound wire and 30 pound braid. But, I also am the guy using 12 pound mono on my spoon rods for the riggers. I've landed a good share of kings between 25 and 30 pounds on these setups with no problem. Its just a matter of having the drag set right. Good luck.
  8. I use a dual rod holder gimbal mount on both sides of the boat. I pull wire divers in them all the time with no troubles. Mine are aluminum as well. I would suggest drilling a small hole at the bottom of the mount that sticks through the bottom of the flush rod holder... put a small padlock through the hole. This prevents the gimbal mount from being able to pull up and out of the gunwale (whether wave action or theft). One other thing I did was wrap a thin layer of rubber around the shaft of the gimbal mount to keep it from rattling.
  9. Enjoy your retirement. Post lots of pics for us to see those wallys you catch!
  10. The whole idea behind this is crazy. Does anyone even begin to believe criminals are going to destroy any "un-coded" ammo they possess?? Come on. What this amounts to is a company designing a "coding" system and forcing everyone to use said system for their financial benefit. Like a friend of mine said... "Is an extra five cents gonna stop a killer from killing?" Heck, any criminal with a bit of sense wouldn't use legally purchased ammo anyways.... especially not ammo that can be traced to them through a database such as this. Once again... legislation that will only hurt the law abiding citizens.
  11. Just put in my vote... do I win some sort of prize?? :lol: It was a much better game than I anticipated!
  12. Thanks for the info. When I "googled" them last night, it brought me to Renosky Lures. I got the impression they were now the owner, but thanks for the confirmation. It is neat to hear that they were designed by a past charter service on the lake. Info like this is always cool to know. Makes use of the lure mean a little more when you know the history of it.
  13. Thats funny. I've never even heard of Joe's Pirate Spoons until tonight. Now I know I actually own a few dozen. Haha. Yup, I looked them up through google and found some pics. They are indeed the ones I own. They seem quite popular too. Makes it hard to believe I've never heard of them! I have to crawl out from under this rock now and then. Thanks guys.
  14. And on the road we're on they just may get their wish... ridiculous! Been stocking up on ammo here, before the new bills have a chance of passing. Its a sad world we live in when "antis" believe a law will actually stop a criminal from getting his/her hands on a gun. They're only hurting the law abiding citizen. Ugh... aggravating.
  15. Okay... so this is probably an easy one for you guys... I own some lures that I've had some success with, but don't know the manufacturer/brand name. I'd like to get some more, with a little help from the cumulative knowledge on this site. The lures I have are in two sizes... one is a 55 and the other is a 66. The 55s are all stamped with a hexagonal pattern or honeycomb. The 66s are hexagonal and a few dimpled. They all have a skull and crossbones stamped above the numbers (55 or 66). The 66s are only a smidge larger in length and width of an NK Mag, but are lighter in thickness. They have great movement in the water. Hopefully you guys know the make of these so I can get on the road of purchasing some more. While I'm at it... how are Yeck spoons stamped? Or are they smooth, unstamped blanks? I have about 20 other lures that I believe are Yecks but no die stamp on them... probably need to post pics to determine the maker of those. Thanks in advance.
  16. Those are purdy... almost look like earrings... Nice paint jobs, thats for sure.
  17. I was just reading last falls reviews of the yogurt flies... I tried googling them but found no company website. Any idea where I can view the assorted colors of these flies and possibly purchase a few?? I'm a little far away to be swinging by the local tackle shops out there.
  18. Yeah, I've been getting the local forecast right along... its quite handy! Just took a little figuring to see how to get my name up. I didn't want anyone thinking I was being secretive.
  19. Aaah... that makes sense. I was wondering how you'd be able to slow it down to 1.3 even with only one motor running... the drag of the second motor is the key. Got it. Thanks.
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