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  1. Well after south trolls post about fish not really fighting I just setup another 300 45lb thank you both for the info. I only run the tx-44 on my 45lb so I couldn't imagine running 60lb off anything less.
  2. so did anyone try the 60 lb.? thoughts, ideas? would you reccomend it to a late july august fishermen?
  3. https://www.torpedodivers.com/scart/product_details.asp?ItemNum=V0010 $34.99 twili tips are like 8 bucks!
  4. I run all 45lb as well 300 is my longest have two of them best poles in the water after 10 o clock in july and august. I will be looking at this new 60lb when all the reviews and dive curves come back though.
  5. If the strip is firmer before brine, brine is not strong enough and your never gonna be able to use homemade strips for more than one fish. store bought strips are basically jerky they are salted so heavily, but that process also absorbs alot of the smell.
  6. I would bet its the releases if your fishing meat the hooks should be swallowed your not hooking up quick enough and something is happening with the hooks then. Like I said 3 years no problem. Or maybe if your running strips the hooks not being in the bait and just flailing around are it. They will work with one hook in the heat of the bite when a hook breaks off in the net i will run 1 hook meat rigs till I get time to retie.
  7. I have ran them for 3 years without a problem.Iif you get rid of 1 of the hooks it only stands to reason your gonna miss more fish with half the hooks. Are you running strips? maybe your not getting a good hook up at first what do you use for releases?
  8. I was gonna say Bass Pro but they dont have either of the things you are looking for!
  9. I use coho eggs for the color and toughness and Atlas mikes orange cure.
  10. good luck finding a hotel or campsite everything is usually booked by june.
  11. Do your meat rigs glow? That would be the only explanation I could thinkof for your meat shutting down prime time.
  12. I have problems with mics for some reason same antenna for 26 years 4th radio due to mics failing.
  13. :grin:Frank's Red Hot, I put that sh-t on everything
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