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  1. Nice job. I was at the fisheries meeting in Ludington thinking the whole time I'd rather be fishing than talking about it
  2. Not sure i want to. Work blocks this site so i have to use my phone, and the new format looks like a three year old put it together on my disply I get a migraine just trying to navigate. Spacing all messed up, icons look like they were puked on the screen, with people's avatars on top of the title of the thread so i cannot access the thread without zooming in twice. Not tomention i type about six words,shead oof the display so i have to go back and wait and correct.
  3. New log in. E mail has changed and new website does not auto log in. Same old passive aggressive Far Beyond Driven. Fished Port Sheldon in honestly the roughest stuff I've fished my 14' in before. Not the worst I've seen, but there was no trough to ride in. And of course we nailed a 7# steel on a magnum mongoose stinger on a one color. Dinner in hand we rode them through the channel hitting an 8# pike at the narrows on a red thin fish. Weird. Buddy is having pike nuggets, shrimp and steel, and venison back strap tonight. Hopefully while toasting the lake being kind to idiots this time.
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