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  1. Can't go wrong with either Black Betty or Best Chance. Black Betty is a really good boat to go with. Best Chance will always get you fish though, probably one of the best boats on Lake Michigan.
  2. Have to get rid of some stuff. Have too much of the same things so trimming down a little bit of what I have. Will not split up, selling as a package. 53 like new spoons from Michigan stinger, Dreamweaver, Moonshine, and silver streak. Then there's 8 flies that haven't been used and 3 meat rigs. 6 flashers from various companies, and also 7 plugs. $215 takes it all. can arrange shipping or meet somewhere. Pm me if interested
  3. Try going in going in closer. Go off the beach and fish in that 8 -15 foot area and the Browns are sitting in the troughs. But farther south towards PS has been hot.
  4. SeaCatMich does have a good point. I can't stand going on the reports too and when you click on them and you just get a line of pictures showing what they caught and how many but don't even tell where they were or what they came on etc... I mean there is a picture section where you can post all those photos on. The reports section is not a "brag" section. And By the way, I hope you recover fast so you Can get back on the water SeaCat!
  5. Yeah I agree with you. But I'm not trying to shoot down all the charter captains, because some of them help this site a lot. I know some like Matt Mishler that post good reports and very detailed ones. But then there are some that the only posts that they contribute on here are only for advertising purposes and all their posts they have come from their Facebook. But on a different note I'll be out this weekend a few times and will be sure to start contributing for this year and will leave a good detailed report.
  6. I think you might be looking at the wrong spot. There is a place where the charter boats post their reports that come off their Facebook which is indeed pretty much useless since it just shows pictures. There were a lot of rants last year since they got posted in the regular reports and people were getting PO'd but has now been moved. If you go onto the reports section from users though there have been a lot of reports that have a lot of detail in them.
  7. Yeah those SS are pretty much useless unless you're going pretty fast since they're a heavier spoon.
  8. Nice catch JD! Surprised you didn't have out any SS. Let me know if you're out next weekend. I'll be out there and we can swap info.
  9. Little foam thing that slips on the butt of your rod. At the bottom of it, it's forms into a ball shape then so the rod butt doesn't dig into your stomach. I've never used one though. Just seen them at the tackle shops.
  10. Yeah, Port Sheldon isn't the only port fishable. Other ports around the same area are having fish caught. I guess I learned from the Michigan Sportsman that some people have a right to certain water and nobody else can know about it. And besides it's not only the channel you can get out of there and onto the beach where there is clearly enough water for us all to fish. Guess for now on im done telling ports or giving reports cause people get too defensive of "their waters" and "their fish" If you want to know where you can get on fish I'd gladly tell you if you wanna PM me and I'll help you guys out so you can get out there and get on some fish.
  11. I don't think I'll buy any of those new plastic spoons till Someone persuades me with them outproducing the metal spoons. Still a cool concept. Just gonna wait and see before I buy any.
  12. White pearl paddle 8 and 11 inch. Livewire spin doctor 8 inch Green froggy spin doctor Michigan stinger jeans paddles in blue green and yellow Uv fish scale paddle DW paddle emerald green/ crush glow Dreamweaver double crush glow spinnies
  13. Lots of kings in the mud 40-60FOW this Sunday. They're ready to go in grand haven. I'll give a report after Saturday because it's salmon festival. With these strong winds coming in changing to an east wind I can bet they'll be in there Friday for sure. shoot me a pm if you need some info I can't blast everything on here right now with the tournament coming up.
  14. Luhr Jensens Grinch plug is probably one of the favorites up in Grand Haven.
  15. Went out with Blake(YoungGun) and fished out in the mud. Went 13-19 with most of the hits coming on a south troll. Only one fish on the long lines with a mongoose plug. Rest were on divers out 80-110 with 8" white paddles and the rigger down 47-51 with a big paddle oceana fly. Other rigger down 28 with a uv blue veggies was hot and the slider with a coyote up 10 feet. The majority of the fish were big 4 year olds with the excepection of a coho and a couple steelhead.
  16. Maybe if you want it to be broken. If you're talking about the backing then you'll be screwed when you hook up with a nice king it'll snap it straight off or when the board dives then it will break that line so fast. Now if you're talking about the leader from the copper to the spoon then 20 pound will be fine. I always use 50 pound braid on my backing just so I know I won't bust everything off and loose a board and a spoon and a whole bunch of copper.
  17. Yeah the Blue Flounder RV was hot. We have been running meat and flys on all of our trips the past week and they never got touched till Saturday. Saturday we got a few hits on the flys and picked a few up and yesterday in the big waves with the big blow the meat was getting nailed. I'm guessing the blow moved a few of the bigger fish in.
  18. Fishings been slow the past week fishing anywhere from 80-130. The first part of the week it was all fish on spoons on long lines and dipseys. These last two days the flasher/flys and meat have picked up. The troll changes day to day and so do what the fish want. Blue flounder mag on the rigger has been hot 42-60 down with long leads. Wire divers out 150-190 with green meat rigs and UV spinnies with blue flies have also taken fish. Some bigger 4 year olds starting to show up and monster steelhead in those same 80-130 FOW with 75 copper with warrior steelhead candy being the hottest lure along with it on the 3 colors too. Best speed seems to be 2.7-3.1 with direction changing every day because the current is rippin out there so space those boards out or you're going to bring up a tangled mess.!
  19. Last few days we've been fishing in the mud out to 55 FOW and then out of there after the sun comes up.Most of the fish were caught in the low light hours and once the sun gets up it slows down. Downriggers down to 25 feet are getting hit with spoons. Braid divers have been hot out 50 and 60 with hog wild spoons and firecrackers. Lead lines from 4-7 colors have taken a few here and there too. Any mag or standard size spoon with a copper/Carmel color have taken 90% of the fish.
  20. Hey at least you're being able to get out. I'm stuck away from my second home and haven't been out In a week and a half. But you'll get em. Just takes patience.
  21. Cannons for sure. They can handle bigger balls and are faster. I've only used cannons so I don't have a lot to say about Big Jon but I do know faster is better and I love using cannons.
  22. Matt we know where the big Danel boat was fishin this weekend hard not to stop by where you guys were after you weighed in 10 fish on Saturday and we passed you guys and got into the deep water and didn't even get hit.
  23. With what you mentioned I'd go out and find where the warm water and cold water meet like DarkMind said. You're best bet is to just run the riggers high down 25-45 feet early and maybe a little deeper later in the day. Then with the dipseys an RV Moonshine Agent orange has been hot and so has an RV bloody nose 110 back. The fish are all scattered so you'll have to get lucky to find a pod of nice kings. If you had leadcore then you'd be able to find a lot of steelhead out 220-250 FOW. It's tough out there right now. You really are going to have to work to get some a nice box.
  24. Well we went out at about 6 and ran out to 220 where we found a nice temp break from 64 degrees to 54 degrees and we ran around in there for a little while. Had our first hit around 7 on a warrior uv green spoon down 40 and went to get it and no one home. A couple minutes later we turned east and had our 3 color with a orange crush take off and was gone again. Once we got to about 210 we doubled up on a 7 color with a warrior climax spoon and the 3 color again. Landed both of them and they was a nice fat steelie on the 7 color and a smaller one the 3 color. Trolled into 180 and the 7 color took off and almost got spooled. After 45 minutes of tug of war we wrestled in a king bouncing on the scales between 21 and 22 pounds. Then right as we pulled lines we got another king about 6 pounds. Best direction was East going 2.7-3 SOG. Ended up 4-9 with a few more rigger hits with fish just slapping at the baits.
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