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  1. Went out again the past 2 days. August 31 in the morning and we went 4 for 5 Downrigger 75 down with a green meatrig got a nice king 300 copper blue meat rig got another big king Diver 160 back blue paddle got 2 cohos. Today was anothe slow day and we went 3 for 7 20 pound king 75 down green meat rig Another 20 pound king on a 250 copper happee meal plug Small laker 75 down green meat rig
  2. We didnt get to start very early due to the storms.. Once the storm passed we decided to go out for an hour.. We Set Lines in 100 feet and we on a south troll and got to setting the divers and the Downrigger 75 feet down went screaming out and we boated a nice fat 24 pounder.. Got 7 lines in the water and lines stared going off and we boated a triple with some nice coho.. As we were about to pull lines cause it was too dark out the downigger 65 down starts screaming out and after a long fight we pulled in a decent 22 pounder.. Pulled the lines at 9 so it wasn't bad for an hour.. What worked Downrigger 75 Down Green froggy meat rig-24 pounder Downrigger 65 Down mtn dew meat rig-22 pounder Diver 130 back- UV green meat rig-8 pound coho Diver 160 back- UV paddle blue fly-5 pound coho 250 copper- happee meal J plug-7 pound coho All on a south troll 90-100 FOW 2.7-3.1 SOG.. Only 1 other boat out so it was nice to not fight a crowd like its been the past few weeks. Going out in the morning so well report back
  3. We've been fishing port sheldon a lot this year and we've got a consistent big fish spread. We usually start in close early around 5 in the 70-100 FOW until all the boats get out and we turn out and get out of the pack.. Riggers 60-90 Down fishing only meat rigs. Dipsey a 125-200 back with big paddles and meat.. Then coppers and leadcore with meat and plugs. Our best speed this year has been 2.7-2.8.. The biggest fish usually come once the sun comes high up later in the day.. So wait it out.
  4. Went out in the morning before dark arous 5 and had a quick triple before the sun came up.. Landed 2 of them one being a small 5 pound king and another 19 pound king.. Big king came on a 200 copper with a lucky charms jplug and the small king on a full core with a green dolphin.. Had 4 more bumps right after the sun came up but that was it. Best depth was 110-140 FOW After that we decided to get some perch but only came up with 20 or so of them.. Had to throw a lot of dinks back.. We headed back out around 6:30 for some more salmon... Started the night with a 23 pounder about a half hour after setting up.. It came on a blue meat rig with a spinnie.. A little later we hit a small 8 pound king on a diver 130 back with a uv green meat rig.. Right after sunset we hit a triple.. The first to come in was a big fat 12 pound coho that had the hooked jaw and looked ready to spawn. After that the diver 130 back with the uv meat rig got a 16 pound king.. The last to come in was a 22 pound king on a green froggy meat rig on the Downrigger 60 down.. We worked the 180-160 FOW all night.
  5. Yeah and we had 2 of them just snap the whole meat rig off... And nothing on the long lines.
  6. Started out at 5 in 120 FOW and didn't hook up until around 6:30.. Lots of lost fish this morning.. All hits but two on meat rigs with the divers 160 and 200 back.. Hooked into a couple small lakers, a 10 pound coho, and a 19 and a 26 pound kings.. Downrigger 70 down with a green froggy meat rig seemed to be the stud taking the kings.. Both those kings screamed out over 500 feet of Line.. Best troll was west going 2.6-2.9 SOG.. Picked up most fish 130-170 FOW..
  7. Fished the weekend and got 14 fish 120-200 FOW.. Figured out on Sunday that deeper out 170-200 held a lot of fish.. 200,250,300 coppers with meat rigs and plugs took a lot of hits.. Meat rigs took about 90% of fish.. Seemed the fish were deep down too.. 70-100 down on the Riggers east and west troll
  8. I agree... Weve got pics of 20 pounders looking way bigger than that..
  9. Green Froggy Meat rig with a Mtn dew spinnie... And 8" Uv slick spinnie and a holographic blue meat rig on a 300 copper
  10. We had a pretty costly trip too! Got a screamer that spooled us and took a 10 color and a planer board and 250 yards of braid with it and one managed to snap the Dipsey right off.. And yeah those high speeds are what seemed to be catching the fish.. We managed 5 big kings this weekend 25 the biggest going 2.9-3.2.
  11. High speed reels will help a little.. The best thing we've found is to just put the boat in neutral and slowly bring those big hogs in cause when your bring a green 20+ pound king in by the boat odds are he's gonna go run off and through all your other lines and might get off
  12. Our best gear that consistently catches big fish are meat rigs... Plugs aren't too far behind as they catch their fair share of big fish.. Those hogs usually come 70+ feet down on slow trolls..
  13. Set lines and worked our way around in the 110-120 FOW... Picked up one decent steelhead on a 150 copper Uv mixed veggies.. Trolled around in there for a good hour or so after that no picking up anything.. We pointed the boat east towards deeper water and the fish started coming in hot... Everything we had out took fish... 300,250,200,150 coppers had hits.. 300 copper was hot with a blue meat rig had a few hits and took a 17# king. And a 200 copper with a lucky charms j plug took a big steelhead. Downrigger 70 down with a blue meat rig took a nice coho. Rigger 80 down blue meat rig took a king.. Dipsey 140 back with a green meat rig took a 21# king. Then the other diver took a big hit and it snapped the diver off.. We trolled out to about 200 when the full core took off screaming... The fish took out 150 yards before we really tightened up it still took off running before it spooled us with 250 yards of backing... So if anyone finds a planer board with a full core and moby salmon on it... I'd like it back.. But then we decided to end the day.. Finished 6-14 or 15.. Best speed was 2.9-3.1
  14. Went out around 5 in 110 FOW... Didnt have any hits until around 8:30 when something hit a meat rig on a diver that quickly got off.. A little while later the blue meat rig 80 down got hit and we pulled in a nice 20 pounder. Then a little coho came on a bloody nose spoon 300 copper.. Around 10 we ran into a hog that bit a green meat rig 90 down and we fought him for a good half hour... He ended up weighing in at 25 pounds...Best troll was East 2.7-3 SOG Pics to follow
  15. 7/13 AM 3-5 2 steelhead and a small king 1-150 copper uv mixed veggies 1-200 copper green jeans spoo 1-300 copper flounder pounder South troll being the best 80-110 FOW 7/14 AM Very slow day and we started out with all spoons like yesterday but with no hits by 8:00 we changed over to fly and plugs.. At about 8:30 we went through a flurry of 4 fish where one broke the leader.. And two came unbuttoned.. The only one that stayed on came on a 200 copper with a lucky charms j plug.. It was a big steelhead that weighed in one ounce under 15.. We hit this pod of fish in 120 FOW.. If I can get a picture on here I will post!
  16. Fished 150-180 FOW Went 18-23 with a king just over 21lbs being the biggest. Downrigger 85 down with a white spinnie and poofster fly took 4 Down rigger 50 down with RV bloody nose spoon took one. Diver 150 back with a green spinnie and green fly took 2 Diver 225 back with UV blue paddle and blue fly took one. 150 copper took 2 with uv mixed veggies spoon 200 copper took 1 with mixed veggie spoon 250 copper took 1 with a green dolphin. 300 copper took 2 with a Rv flounder pounder spoon Full core with a lemon ice spoon took 4
  17. My favorite was the Bloody nose on a 300 copper. One of them caught so many fish it got bent up and we had to retire it.
  18. Buck I shot tonight with my bow. Can't get it to upload onto my profile so i had to use a link. But its a small half rack 3. Broke its other side off. Only ran 30 yards and piled up.! My first kill with a bow!
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