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  1. 7/13 AM 3-5 2 steelhead and a small king 1-150 copper uv mixed veggies 1-200 copper green jeans spoo 1-300 copper flounder pounder South troll being the best 80-110 FOW 7/14 AM Very slow day and we started out with all spoons like yesterday but with no hits by 8:00 we changed over to fly and plugs.. At about 8:30 we went through a flurry of 4 fish where one broke the leader.. And two came unbuttoned.. The only one that stayed on came on a 200 copper with a lucky charms j plug.. It was a big steelhead that weighed in one ounce under 15.. We hit this pod of fish in 120 FOW.. If I can get a picture on here I will post!
  2. Fished 150-180 FOW Went 18-23 with a king just over 21lbs being the biggest. Downrigger 85 down with a white spinnie and poofster fly took 4 Down rigger 50 down with RV bloody nose spoon took one. Diver 150 back with a green spinnie and green fly took 2 Diver 225 back with UV blue paddle and blue fly took one. 150 copper took 2 with uv mixed veggies spoon 200 copper took 1 with mixed veggie spoon 250 copper took 1 with a green dolphin. 300 copper took 2 with a Rv flounder pounder spoon Full core with a lemon ice spoon took 4
  3. My favorite was the Bloody nose on a 300 copper. One of them caught so many fish it got bent up and we had to retire it.
  4. Buck I shot tonight with my bow. Can't get it to upload onto my profile so i had to use a link. But its a small half rack 3. Broke its other side off. Only ran 30 yards and piled up.! My first kill with a bow!
  5. Got out this morning aaround 5:30. No fish til around 7 when we picked 4 big kings up in about 45 minutes. We set up in 140 and didn't get fish till we got in about 100 FOW on a north troll. What worked: Rigger down 77 with a Lucky charms plug got 2. Dipsey 225 out with a white spin doctor and a white fly got one. Dipsey 175 out with a blue uv spin doctor and a blue glow fly got one. Got a nice 19 pounder, a 17, and a couple 13 pounders.
  6. Went 5-6 in 55-70 FOW. Fished with all plugs. 3/4- Full core with a happee meal plug. 1/1- 38 down on the rigger with a lucky charms plug. 1/1- Bloody nose plug 48 Down on the rigger. All fish were big 4 year olds 10-19 pounds.
  7. Is Holland better than grand haven? Cause I heard it gets pretty crowded. But I also heard Grand Haven has the bigger fish?
  8. We have a couple dipseys and I think we will add two more! Thanks for tthe help!
  9. I have never fished the fall king run. I want to this year but I was wondering if you could run 50 coppers or 2/3 colors? We only have 2 downriggers so I need some other options. And what are some of the best lures for them?
  10. 120-140 FOW. 300 Coppers are HOT! SWR with a RV Flounder plounder is hot also. The hot rigs are Hey baby spoon, RV flounder pounder, mtn dew flasher and a big weenie fly, blue UV paddle and a blue fly. All of those have taken alot of fish for us. Set the dipseys 120-180 back. Riggers 50-90 down.
  11. Id also change out moonshines hooks because they are dull!! Get some owner treble hooks and you will land twice as many fish!
  12. Yeah when we were going out we saw a lot of boats in close but we went out farther. Had the fire drill goin for about and hour and a half with 13 hits and only 2 people. A lot of those fish were just swippin at the rigs.
  13. Fished 110-140 FOW. Went 6-13 between Port Sheldon and Holland. What worked: - Dipsey 145 back with a blue UV spinnie and a blue fly- had 3 hits -Dipsey 120 back with a mtn dew spinnie and a green fly-by had 3 hits - Rigger 60 with 50 feet of copper and RV Flounder plunder had 5 hits -300 copper with a warrior hey baby standerd spoon had 2 hits. All kings were 13-20 pounds. The bite shut off around 7 and we couldn't get anything to go.
  14. We went 9-16 in 80-100 FOW. We fished 5:30-7:30 South of the stacks. Anything green and blue were good. :. 30-75 down is still where the fish are. Had 4 fish on at one time... Got pretty crazy with only 2 people in the bboat. We amazingly got all 4 in. All the kings were over 14 pounds.
  15. Fished 5:30-8 and went 8-10 110-80 FOW 30-75 down 300 copper with a green Dolphin took a 13 pound steelhead and a 2 pound king 65 Down on the rigger SWR with a RV Bloody nose took a 21 pound king 45 Down on the rigger took a 15 pound king and a small steelie with a chrome spinnie and a big weenie Chinese buffet fly. Dipsy 140 out took with a blue spinnie and. Blue fly a nice 16 pound king. Dipsy 80 out with a green spinnie and a green fly took a nice steelie and a 17 pound king. ...... 2 times we had doubles aand one time we had a triple.. It seemed like the fish were in pods.
  16. We can launch our 27' Rinker out of there. Just go to one of the middle docks. There deeper than than the outside ones.
  17. If you fish out of Holland you should really consider a 300 copper. I fish between Holland and Port Sheldon and the 300 copper takes at least one fish home a trip. A bloody nose is my favorite lure to run on it.
  18. Went 6/10,90-120 FOW. Best spoons were: Blue Dolphin, Flea for all, blue and Green Big wennie flies, Bloody nose, and Green Jeans. 3 Fish came on riggers that had Flea for All and Blue dolphin 55-65 Feet down. One came on a dipsey 85 feet out with a green Spin doctor and a green fly. 300 copper with bloody nose caught one. And the 250 copper caught one with a lemon ice spoons. Started fishing at about 7 and stopped at 10:15. Had 2 fish in the box by 8:30. At sunset all the rods starting firing but missed a few. Got 4 of them in. Biggest king was #17
  19. Yeah I was shocked when it was that big... Not that often that you get one that big in the spring.
  20. Went 7-9 in 70-100 FOW Marked some bait balls in 75 FOW. They were bitting on anything blue and green 30 to 65 down. Had 5 kings, a coho, and a steelhead. Biggest fish was a 19 pound king.
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