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  1. whats the word and the little bay ... be there next week for a Week The good ??..bad?? Thanks
  2. fished sat 4-29 same thing 1 fish an was form 5 to 100 fow.
  3. what this 60lb all about and when its coming out..
  4. . They are also building a fish cleaning station there this year.
  5. dnr launch at B and H are only a few feet Deep too as of sunday
  6. was one of the best GIVE AWAYS i have every seen
  7. well well 1 speed and 2 depths is only a couple bucks more than a new fish hawk.. and i was going to buy a fish hawk this month.. so i'll be the ginny pig
  8. charter boats .. if there not making fish or putting some in the box... they wont be there long..
  9. meat works better in the northen ports, but what a mess
  10. is there a link to the site?
  11. is there a u tube link on this? I am or was going to buy a fish hawk this spring ssoooo i would be looking into this
  12. just put my big boards on Ebay 2-13-13.. Cannons and otter boats..
  13. first thing i said when i seen ur pic was.. look at the color of that water.
  14. i have a pair that iv only used less than a dozen times that i'm willing to sell. I use the small in line boards Now..
  15. 3 of us will be there if its not snowing and lowing like crazy..
  16. they first mark up the prices before the mark down..(PER STORE WORKER WORDS)
  17. soo did i ..nice that they return the emails sent to him
  18. MAN alot of spots there i have fished. all most all of them. i have been to and it still looks some what the same, brings back the kid in me
  19. check out Wooldridge boats.. i run a 20ft SS drifter
  20. How many guys have there radio hooked up to use the DSC function? i have it on my radio but not hooked up,, is the a cable i can buy that runs it of my humminbirds gps??
  21. i heard of this at the fish cleaning table the next weekend, and we fish some rough water someday, makes u think about when something goes bad, how it all pilles up at once. with out the tangle all would have been ok.? well it was a pile of small miss happes that this all when down wrong . change 1 or too things .... and it could have when anyway, glad all worked out,....really.. and an A+ to all that helped out
  22. The 44 i have. has the front clips facing inwards to the board so they can never come out ..if they dive...O BOY..
  23. north i would head about 4 miles n out to 190 .. just a hunch
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