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  1. Good Job Mike nice catch for short time on the water. Good to hear they are in close partner and I have been trying to decide if less than 100 is good or over 200 ft
  2. Thanks for the great report Terry. Hopefully Sea Eagle and I can get out this weekend.
  3. Just read the article in the Free Press about the trek to South Manitou Island in March. I was surprised because I had been in Glenn Arbor in Feb when an East wind blew the ice out of the bay. Looks like it froze again. Tired of winter ready for the big lake with out ice.
  4. Way to go Mark not sure I would have been out in what was forecast.
  5. Good to see you got out Mark. We didn't get out quite as early on Saturday out of SH and we didn't hit a fish until 8:30 and as Tarrey noted in his report we went 6 for 9 with a nice mix of fish including a big COHO and a nice Steel Head. We were looking for the hogs too and the best we could do was 14.5. That was about the average size we saw in the cleaning shed. Keep it up they are out there.
  6. Hi Mark We were pretty surprised to see there was a tournament going on what a pack of boats but as Tarrey noted we stayed clear of them.
  7. Well Mark you hooked me with the title. Great way to spend fathers day glad you had great time. Fishing is so bad Tarrey and I are heading for Lake Erie this weekend Ohio waters are supposed to be hot. Dennis
  8. Way to go Mark I am sure you had a great weekend taking the kids out for the first time. Hopefully that gets them going of a lifetime of fun like it did me.
  9. Nice Job Mark. We actually did catch all our fish on Saturday morning out of South Haven in 58 feet of water, all Kings all, in the 12-14 lb range. Tried deeper with no luck. We had the same problem on the Dipseys losing at least 3 almost before you could put a crank in the reel.
  10. We do not allow our boards to release We do this by wrapping the line around the release 2-3 times and we just reel them in and unclip them when we have a fish on. That way still have all your lead core or copper to play the fish on and it is rare we loose one once the board if uncliped. We don't have to worry about beads on the line.
  11. Good Job Mark you made the best of rocky start. We didn't get out on the big lake do to weddings and other commitments but I did get out on a local lake and caught few fish. Glad you were able to get your shift cable fixed
  12. Shawn Ask Tarrey about the solnar fishing charts I think he as an app on his phone. I have been using my handheld GPS for the best fishing times and seems to be right about 90% of the time. During the full moon best times by the GPS are around noon but it changes every day.
  13. Nice Job Mark. It was totally a spoon bite for us in South Haven on Saturday. Kind of hot early morning but then changed a lot of things just like you ended up 5-6, 3 Kings and 2 Steel Head.
  14. Good Job Tarrey hope they keep biting until I can get back out.
  15. Good Job Mark. Glad the new boat is working out. We went out of St Joe yesterday and it was really rough but still took a few in 35-50'
  16. I have 200 copper on an Okuma 45 with 125 yards of backer behind that. It is tight but it fits.
  17. I was wondering the same thing so tried Steel Head Fishing on the Kalamazoo River on Monday. We had a great time and caught some very nice Steelhead and a 32" pike. Just need a small boat with an outboard
  18. Tarrey Still fretting over the one lost which I know was the best fighter of the year by far much more so than the 17 pounder I pulled in a few weeks ago. It was like pulling in a log but still a great time and is always great to be on the water. Denny
  19. Good Job Mark we did the same out of South Haven our throw back was a small king.
  20. Great job pays to stay on the fish when you find them. I thing we were in the cleaning shed when you were is the name of your boat the Elminator?
  21. Nice Job. Just an FYI the are locking the fish cleaning shed up when the gate is not manned because someone took the DNR freezer for the 2nd time and they just put a brand new freezer in so they are locking it so they don't loose another one.
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