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  1. Nice fish there Turfwrench, I might get back up that way on sunday weather permitting....so far looks promising, but threat of a thunderstorm might keep me away as i trailer my boat up from rochester
  2. First time out on lake huron and first trip salmon-fishing with my own boat/equipment. Lake pretty much flat all day. Started out in 40-50 fow about 2-3 miles north of the harbor. Picked up a laker on a tequila sunrise off the diver rod hugging bottom. Also picked up 3 ho's on the short-cores, 1 on an orange j-11 and 2 on spoons (orange crush and blue dolphin). Moved out to 60 fow, picked up one more laker on the diver down about 45 on a bloody nose and called it a day. spent most of the day between 2.2 and 2.7 SOG. First time launching out of port sanilac and it was a very nice facility. Had my mother and girlfriend along and the bathrooms:no: met their approval (key to future fishing trips...)
  3. Much thanks guys! My next question was gonna be what size, but from the pic i'd say it looks like a #3
  4. Thanks guys, just tied my first willis knot, not too tricky once you get the leader trimmed up nice. I do have a follow-up question... If using the snap-swivel right at the spoon, do you like to remove the split ring or leave in place? Seems like alot of extra schtuff out in front with swivel-snap-split ring...
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to trolling leadcore but have ready many good articles and posts regarding this topic on this site already... One question that remains for me is if/where to attach a swivel if running spoons? Snap swivel right at the spoon, or does that kill the action of the spoon? Or just a snap at the spoon and a swivel a few feet up? I'd love to get input on how you all rig up the terminal tackle on your leadcores. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks for the welcome folks, I'm from the east side of the state but hope I can make more than a few trips back to your neck of the woods this season. I started trolling for musky last year on St. Clair and landed a few decent ones, but a solid King puts a whole different kind of bend in your line
  7. Hello Everyone! New to the site and lookin to start things off with a successful report. 3/31, St Joe. 730-1230, 30-60 FOW, mostly outside the pack around the river plume. Started off slow with a few small coho, then the kings started showing up mid-morning. Most everything working: spoons on riggers down 25-40, thin-fins on boards, and a few on 10-color lead. Speed 2-2.5. Had hits runnin north and south. Ended up with 22 between 5 guys, and lots of good memories for a bunch of salmon-trolling newbies! We're officially addicted...
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