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  1. Glad to report a great day of fishing out of Port Sheldon and went 8/10 with a couple of rookies. Powered out straight West and set up in 200 FOW just before light. Fished the top 70 for the first couple hours and got 4 fish, lost 2 alot of fast action right away, then we fished the 238-245 range and targeted deeper down and added some 4 and 5 color to get some Steelhead. Caught 4 more to end up 8 for 10. Two of the catches were doubles. Moonshine Double Trouble went 4 times early, and then green/silver and orange stinger size spoons. We only caught one fish on a green SD with a Pickle sunshine fly. Catch ended up 3 Salmon, 4 Steelhead, 1 Laker What worked, Target the scum and slicks in and out of the dirty and clear water 3.2 GPS, 2.7 @ ball Riggers 50, 70, 150 foot down Dipseys 170 back on 3 250 Copper Beautiful day only 5 boats we could see out there, calm water and calm seas. Hey not bad for October and a great experience for the newbies, especially arial displays by the Steelies! Get out and enjoy, hope this helps. Live well and fish hard. Dan
  2. Thanks for the report Jim! I plan on getting out a couple times this week out of PS or Holland, so your input is appreciated Good luck with the transom if ya' do it. That would be a brave thing brother. Dan
  3. Fished out of PS with Sargent John, decorated 2 time Soldier who fought for us in Iraq, and his first time Salmon fishing on the big lake. Fought Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom, helped capture Sadam Hussein, so I figured I owed him a good time and that's just what happend! We fish from 6:30-12:00 and went 7/16 North out of PS. Boated 4 Kings, 3 Coho. Largest King was near 20lbs. Fished in 70-100 early and hit 6 fish, boated 3, then went out to 115-130 and hooked 5 more boated 2, then moved to 135-160 and hooked 5 more and boated the last 2. We lost a couple big pigs, one bent the rod more than in half, and let me tell you, John is tough and this big King put him to the test. Broke the line, but hey that was our first fish and John came back like a good soldier and put a whoopin' on the rest of the fish. What seemed to work best: NW or NE troll, 3.2 SOG, 2.6 at the ball Riggers fired from 54-80 down depending on depth we were in Flounder Pounder, Lemon Ice, Green Froggie spoons High Divers on 3 back 120-150 Low Divers on 1 back 170 Divers with 8" SD Blue or Greens with matching flies 250 Copper went 3 times with 10" Green Paddle and fly. SGT John fought all the fish, handled em' like a true pro! We are proud of the men and women who serve and it was my deepest pleasure to take John out and "hook him up" ! Picture attached for you to enjoy, John is far right holding a nice King.
  4. Great job Joe, and in just 2.5 hours way to go! I'll be out in the morning so thanks for the information.
  5. Sweet looking catch Shannon! Bare hugged the fish, that's halarious. Congrats on the nice catch and thank you for the information.
  6. Way to go Jim and crew! Lined em up nice, what a great looking catch brother. Your a good fisherman and it shows, congratulations and thanks for sharing here on the forum.
  7. You sure spanked em' Mark! That is a nice looking catch, congratulations! It's even better when people see the back of the nice white deck all bloody. Man you caught a bunch of Hog's there, great job!
  8. Way to go Ken and crew! That's an amazing catch and surely something to be real proud of, congratulations!
  9. Good job Justin, especially with the challenges! Glad you caught some!
  10. Fished out of Port Sheldon 8-26 AM and went 11/13 tossed a 7 lb King back in after landing our last double to top out a 2 man limit of all Salmon ranging from 7-15 lbers. Fished south of the channel in 84-96 FOW, most fish came either SE or NW trolls. We did pick up fish on East and West trolls also. Riggers and Dipsey's were the ticket. Targeted 53 foot down on riggers that work best. Fast troll 2.8-3.2 SOG or 2.2-2.8 at the ball. Early morning was glow spoons all mags like Flounder Pounder, Double Trouble, later Green Froggie, Monkey Puke, late morning switched to orange or green spoons and flies. We had 2 doubles and landed both, so I'm proud of my friend Bob Sterks and I handlin' some mean fighting 2 and 3 year olds. Bite as good on blue/green flies, and later anything orange, or green combinations. We filled the cooler with almost 90 lbs of fish! Great day, and I can't thank my friend Bob enough, we both worked hard and had a blast. Can't say enough how much fun and I will long remember this day! PS the sink was full to the top with Salmon Gold! Live Well, Fish Hard. Dan
  11. Great night on the lake, fished till sundown catching 4 for 7. 2 Kings, 2 Coho. Fished 75-100 with inside 80 FOW the best on a south troll running 3 SOG 2.8 at the ball. Riggers with sliders worked best @ 53 down where there was a temp break. No set pattern on colors, but Green Glow Back Dolphin hit twice. Fished with Grayson from the Outdoormen Sport Shop and his 10 year old grandson William. Get out and get fishing! Good luck, Dan
  12. Nice job Joe, congrats on the triple! Thanks for the report.
  13. Nice job Bob! Thanks for the report. I am jealous, you were fishing and catching while I was building my new fishing arch as you know when you called me this afternoon. Great job out there bro, especially when fishing has been hard lately. Glad you and your Dad had a good morning. Hope to get fishing with you soon! Dan
  14. Great job Ben. Congrats on the Brown, gotta' love them little pigs!
  15. Thanks for the report Jim. I've noticed so many people seem to be targeting Lake Trout this year, interesting. I don't usually fish for them because they are not very exciting to catch, and I don't care for eating them. Anyway, hopefully the trip with the kids was more important, as I know your a good fisherman Jim.
  16. Good job Jacob! Wife grabbed the rod and got the fish, sweet! Not to mention a 19lber, that's a nice fish.
  17. Good job Ben, next time may be better! Bassmaster hook set, that great.
  18. Great job Kevin! Glad to see fishing is picking up. Hope to get out tonight and tomorrow. If you don't mind what speed did you find was working best?
  19. Congrats on the nice Steelie Andy! I love the picture, worth more than the fish. I love catching Steel, my favorite species on the pond. Thanks for the post, info and I'm sure you'll remember that trip forever. Dan
  20. Jason; Good job! Your a good fisherman to get that catch this time of year. Glad to see your still getting out after selling your boat and all your gear. Dan
  21. Fished 90-170 caught one small king. Fish hit a dipsey on #2 170 back with a NBK with a longer 10' leader which is something I've been trying and seems to work. Took one other hit on a rigger 82 down with a Flounder Pounder, but didn't hook up with the fish. As most of you know fishing has slowed down. Water temps are up, and fish are scattered. I heard a few boats catching fish, same depth and one guy said he had three fish in 220. If you head out, try setting lines at 150 and troll East out from the Stacks and fish deep down. Target deeper from 70 down as water temp is around 58 degrees 80 foot down. The most boats I've seen out of Port Sheldon yet this year. Radio chatter suggested most boats had a fish or two or three. Any rate, I'm eatin' fresh fish today! Great night to be on the water! If you get out, go to enjoy the ride, and if you catch fish, consider it a bonus! Live well, Dan
  22. Hey, good catch Terry, especially now as you mentioned, June days. Still good to fish like you said. Thanks for the report, and congrats on your successful trip. Dan
  23. Tarrey; Hey, good job, even with rookies! I had about the same results out of Port Sheldon. Glad ya' caught some. South Haven is a nice port, I like fishing there. Contrats on the success, and thanks for the report! Dan
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