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  1. Dave & Ben; It was a good day for you guys to be out this morning, and you caught fish, good job. Your totals look good for the year, so no worries, maybe you kill em next time. Great job Dave! Dan
  2. Great night fishing with my son and his friend. Fish are in 90-120. 110 was our best depth SE or East troll worked best. 1 nice Laker 15lbs and 4 Kings. 2 came on riggers both 48 down glowback Blue Dolphin Mag Spoon. We ended up losing a nice King around a rigger cable. He stole my only Glowback Blue Dolphin, that bugger ! All the rest on our 10 color Lead Core with a mag Michael Jackson. I think it's interesting how sometimes you have such a hot set up and while the fish had nine choices on the menu, they favored on two. My son's friend's first time catchin' em on the big lake, so this was a great time fishing, and catching! Hope you get out soon. Dan
  3. Tim; Great Job! I was going to head out, until I seen the wind picked up. Guess your bravery came with a reward, congratulations, glad to see you had a good run. Thanks for the report PS, Read my previous post on "Big Meanie" ! You may have hooked him, he is one mean fish, no one is going to get him? Dan
  4. TJ; Nice lookin' catch, congratulations, thanks for the report. Dan
  5. Jason; Way to go! Stuck it out and were rewarded, especially in those conditions. Welcome to the forum, thanks for the report Dan
  6. Hey Guys; I have thought about some of your comments, suggestions, thoughts and this picture that hopefully I posted correctly, is of my idea for my new combat fishing prototype to go get Big Meanie again! Armor plating, fore and aft guns with a turret gun on the armored plated cuddy. Note this will also solve the problem if Asian Carp get to us. Notice the picture of a simulated Big Meanie attack at the transom. Bummer is I figure I will have to move from a 8 HP four stroke kicker to about a 200 HP kicker and figure how to mount on the transom? Imagine this for the new "Great Lakes Fishing" model boat. What do ya' think? I hope all can see this picture, if not tell me and I will try to repost.
  7. See, I knew it! Others have encountered this beast. Moby King, that's great Kevin. I have caught a 30lb King and while this fish was so strong, fast and we were in such terror, I may not have identified him as you say. Maybe that would explain why he jumped on the boat, trying to sink us. Do you think I could tell my wife I need a bigger boat now? 30' Tiara with a harpon out the back! I have began to wonder if we need to research this monster. If anyone else has hooked or seen Moby King, or Big Meanie, let me know. I'm considering going back after him this week. I might go to MC Sports and get some football gear to protect whoever is on my boat and wants to try and net him again. PS, if you have a story let me know, I may end up having to write a book on this one or contact Discovery Channel........
  8. This is not a normal fish report from me, but yet another true story. Fished 90-145 6/5 PM out of Port Sheldon with my wife and daughter. Absolutely a perfect night. My 23 year old daughter likes driving the boat and finding the fish and does grab a pole on occasion. She calls herself the "fish manget"! Boy did she do a good job, not only found the fish in 140 FOW, but put me on one of the meanest kings I've ever tangled with for it's size. I have to tell this as maybe you might have a better story or aka "fish tale"? Kelly put us over a bunch of marks, good temp brake and instant hit on a rigger 65 down Green SD with a green froggie mag spoon. I grabbed the pole and this fished jumped at least 10 times, 3 or 4 times with mutiple 360 loops 3 to 4 foot in the air. This is with a SD and lure online hooked mind you. I was having a blast and after determining this was a King not a Steelie cause it was so far back, I wanted to boat this bad boy! Kelly ask to help net, I said sure no problem due to my wife was watching this unfold with a sort of trance, but this is where it got interesting. The fish came in 2 times seen us, and made 2 final runs. I'm saying to myself, are you ever going to give up? Nope!, said the fish. I really didn't hear em' say that, and no I don't drink or do drugs.... then and only then when we got this Big Meanie to the back of the boat, Kelly takes a go at him with the net and the fish jumped out of the water, I think tried to bite her in the leg, bounced of the transom, hit the rim of the net, spit the hook and spin doc right at my head. Now believe it or not, I'd call that one mean fish! By the look of him or her I'd guess 16 lbs and believe me this fish literally jumped in the boat to apparently attack my daughter:confused:. Hey who knows, maybe it's a new cross breed with the Asian Carp? I know Kings are grumpy this time of year and do jump a bit on occasion, but this fish demands respect. I caution all fisherman to be on the lookout for the Big Meanie, maybe you've met him this year? Fun night, lots of laughs, caught fish, made memories, and enjoyed life. Does it get better than that? PS, I named this fish Big Meanie not because I'm attached to the fish, but maybe because of the emotional scar. He or she demands respect and caution. Hope you enjoyed our fish tale. Watch out Big Meanie may bite your line next! Live well, Dan
  9. Nice job Jarod! What a catch. Hope to come up your way and fish sometime. Dan
  10. Wow Terry! You and your crew have it down, great job! Awesome report and the pics with lures and info is so kind of you. Thanks for your efforts and congratulations to you and your team! Dan
  11. Fished straight out of PS last night after 5pm. Stopped at 90 FOW looked and didn't see many marks, went out to 140 checked and seen a couple of marks. Finally set lines in 170 FOW. Wind was blowing pretty good and my 19'6" Spectrum Pro Avenger was bouncin' back and forth. What the heck, set lines and started trolling WNW. Marked a fair amount of fish. 1st one hit on a new 200 Copper rig in 175 FOW on a Orange Flounder Pounder Mag spoon 13 lb King, fought hard for about 13 min. I figured 1 lb per minute fight ratio, not bad . I will admit reeling fish in on copper isn't for wussies! New rod and reel setup, so it was good to catch a fish on my $135 investment! We had a hard time keeping the lines organized and the boat straight with the wind and waves pounding us, so we decided to head back in on a WNW troll. We got to 140 FOW around 7:30 PM and started marking a bunch of fish and bait. I was expecting action to pick up here but didn't get a hit until 90 FOW then, WHAMO, hard hit on a rigger 55 down with a Glowback Blue Dolphin about 12 back from the ball at 2.6 downspeed. Boated another little beauty about 8lbs. Thanks to my friend Mark we managed to make the best of bumpy fishin'! We decided to head in after Mark got slammed into my rigger with a big wave trying to set a line and broke the wire pully. Fortunately didn't injure him but told us it was time to hang it up. Pulled lines at 8 pm and headed in 2/2 both Kings. Other boats were catching fish, even heard a triple over the radio! If you get out start at 70 FOW check the marks and fish the 50 down column and I hope you catch some fish! Live well, Danny
  12. Terry; Congrats, nice job! Thanks for the info and the pics of your lure selection, that helps! Dan
  13. Mark; Way to go, nice looking catch! Those pictures are worth a thousand words. Thanks for the report and info. I will be out tommorrow AM if the fog isn't to bad. Dan
  14. I promised to report if I went out, so here it is. 0-1. Trolled NE toward the flats, marked alot of fish in 50 FOW, no takers. Headed out to 70 then turned to a SE troll and whamo, a BIG fish mind you! Seen his picture on the graph a really large red and yellow arch then BAM. But unfortunately he gave my rookie angler the slip. I wish I'd got to see the fish, by the strike, and bend of the pole he was a monster. After a 3 min fight we went into a 3 hour slump and couldn't buy a hit. I wished I trolled south of the pier, oh well. Nice day on the water till the fog rolled in. If you want to fish PS, I suggest go south of the pier, start in 70 FOW and troll south. All the reports I could find and fisherman that caught seemed to be 70-90 FOW 50-70 down on riggers and dipsey's. Hope this helps. Dan
  15. Dave; I was one of the other boats, we marked quite a few fish in 50 FOW, we ended up with one hit and landed her #12 king. Fished from 8-11. We tried about everything, even noticed fish on the graph swimming up to take a look at the hardware. Something maybe worth mentioning, the Fishawk X4 showed top speed 4.2 and probe speed 2.9 when the dipsey ripped with our king on. South troll took her. Nice day till it started blowing.
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