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  1. Congrats Aaron, its great to have little ones around. Our new and up and coming fishing partners.
  2. Poor prep job, like painting a car ,if you 1 don't clean it right (getting the scum off) and 2 doing a deep sand the paint has no where to stick and in a shot time the paint will just come off.
  3. Great job Matt it looked really nice out there today.
  4. luremaker

    Ehd update

    I have a buddy that troll's the river down in allegan just on the ottawa county line and has see the deer die off first hand. Dead deer everywhere on the shore line ,at last count he has saw almost 40 in about a two mile . This area has been hit before about 3 years ago and was starting to come back but not I just don't see it.
  5. Nick I would have to agree with jon's choice I have one for my 20ft and never have had it break loose, I have 3foot of chain on it and 100 ft of line and have had 4 footers hitting it while i sat on the beach ( drinking beer ) and it held tight.. The key is to run the rope in the trailer eyelet first and then to the cleat. Low center .And they stay.
  6. I don't mean to Hi-jack for Luremaker, I'm his wife and am a Licensed Insurance Agent, for a local company. Having an insurance check up with also the best thing to do, the other thing to do would be to read all the extra paperwork that comes with your policy, if after reading you don't understand (which most people don't) call your agent and have them explain it to you. (They work for YOU). The company I work for, along with every other company provides ACV coverage on most boats, I also believe you could have the option for replacement cost coverage. I understand the frustration most consumers have with insurance companies, as I was once a consumer as well and still am. Adjusters have to make a decision as to what happened after the fact, and sometimes this can prove to be very challenging and difficult. Remember adjusters are just normal people, that put theirs pants on one leg at a time, just like the rest of us. If any of you are looking for a quote on Boat, Auto, Home or life, private message luremaker and he'll forward it on to me. Our office strives to provide the BEST customer service in the area. Luremakers - Wife.
  7. Great job TJ one of these days I 'm going to stop up there,and see how the town has changed. I haven't been there in years(alpena my home town)
  8. I have to agree with mike I know there are some good photos out there of some big fish , if you can clean them up we can use them. You still have time left to put your entry in.
  9. Great job ken Non stop action.
  10. this happened in allegon a few years ago and the numbers of deer still are not up to where they were
  11. I wouldn't worry about the fish I think I would find out were it's coming from ,balance off on the prop can make it vib and that's not really good on the seals if a seal go's and you don't catch it there go's the outdrive and at 1600-1800 that will suck, but it can be almost anything or a lot of little things adding up. start with the carb,use seafaom in your next tank full check the fuel filter if it's clean at low idle the flow is almost none if the filter is plugged. I just got back from vacation and while I was on the water the carb flooded over (dirt in the seat) lucky I'm good friends with the resort owner he let me use his work shop and I rebuild it there and tuned it up without having to take the boat out of the water. Run smooth now and haul butt out of the hole. Funny and small pc of dirt can screw a motors running.
  12. Great Job Mike , Randy is trying to make it out over the weekend
  13. Mike I would go to Great Lakes propeller in Grand Haven 17363 Hayes street I have had work done by others and they don't compare to this place, I had one done this year already and I picked up 3.5mph and the hole shot was great and a smoother ride, And I just had a few nick's in it , but he said that the balance was so far off from the nick's and running it in the sand a few times. Best $75.00 I have every spent. Luremaker
  14. My 2 cents if the ring is put on with the right tool and you are using a top brand name Hook there is no reason for it to come off. I have had a few guys call me when some of my hooks got bent a even broke off,I looked in to it and even changed the box I had been using , but the more people I spoke with the more I see its everyone's hooks that are doing this,fish are putting up a big fight this year and things get bent and broke,but the issue with the hook missing,Still puzzles me to.
  15. Great job Dave now that's a pig.. Good luck on that 40 I know you will nail it.
  16. Great job John good to see the fishing is good north also.
  17. Welcome rod the fishing is great out there ,if you have a question that can't be answered just ask it here .There are a lot of skilled fisherman on here and are always willing to help out.
  18. Great lakes prop in grand haven has be doing it for 30 plus years rebuilding and selling new . just got mine back $75.00 and it has never run faster and smoother.
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