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  1. Started north of Holland before sun up. Picked up a 8lb king and lost one in 85 fow both came on a full core w/ a modified caramel dolphin. Trolled out to 110 and picked up another 8lb king on a 200 copper w/double trouble. Then headed south for some trout. Hit a 12lb laker in 105 fow landed it and immediately took a double both kings again around 8 to 10lbs. Those came on a dipsey 100 back with a blue spin doctor/ blue fly and the other on a full core with a superscrew spoon. Ended up 5 for 6. Felt pretty good considering how the fishing has been.
  2. 7 for 10 this morning. 4 lakers and three steelhead. Tin can and spinnie glow took all the laketrout. Double orange crush on 200 copper took two hits. super screw on 10 color took one.
  3. Two for two last night out of Holland. Picked up a double in 95 fow just north of the pier heads. Both steelhead 12 and 13lbs. Came on rigger 55 down blue flounder and 150 copper w/ modified blue dolphin. No luck finding any kings, but those steelhead sure are fun.
  4. First trip out this year. Went 1 for 3. Lost the first two around 18 fow then slipped out to 25 and hooked into a nice king 18+ lbs. Came of a j-7 perch. Great to finally get out.
  5. went 11 for 18 in 85 to 115 fow. had 6 rods go at once not sure what thats called. Took 2 steelhead 1 coho 7 kings and 1 brown. what worked high divers mtn dew/crush glow spinnie/ pickled sunshine fly riggers 45 to 60 down nbk, bloody nose, flounder pounder full cores modifed angient orange, double trouble 200 copper/ 300 copper blue dolphin and green dolphin I would like to give a special shout out to the guy who cut behind me and took both my leads, 1 planer board, flasher/fly and spoon. Thanks buddie maybe someday someone can return the favor. still a fun day on the water.
  6. 5 for 9 south out of holland. 1 for 2 on a green flasher/ blue bubble fly 150 back. Went 2 for 4 on a 300 copper with a uv flounder pounder. Fireball spoon on a full core took a 12lb steelhead and 1 coho on the rigger with a kevorkian. And lost a screamer on a 200 copper with a blue moonshine spoon.
  7. 2 for 2 last night 120 fow 1 on a rigger modified carmel dolphin 65 down. 13 lb king on a high diver 140 back mountain dew spin doctor cracked mirage fly. He managed to tangle 2 full cores, 300 copper and a dipsey just to make it entertaining.
  8. Went 7 for 9 south out of holland. Worked 90 to 120 fow. Took 6 kings two of which were 15 and 18 lbs and 2 lakers. What worked for us. high diver mountain dew spindoctor/blue bubble fly 150 back went twice. Rigger 70 down flounder pounder spoon. blue flounder on a full core took 3. what started out as a modified diehard but was silver when we brought in the fish went on a 300 copper. Should have boxed 8 fish but the captain was still sleeping and had a horrible net job:) on the first fish of the morning. none the less still a good morning on the water.
  9. My Hummingbird 947c fishfinder recently quit working and Im looking to replace it with a lowrance hds 5, or 8. I never cared for the hummingbird but had a lowrance previously that I loved. Can anyone with this unit tell me what they think of it? Thanks
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